Collaborate, Analyze and Design Real Estate Sites in a Click: Spacemaker

Collaborate, Analyze and Design Real Estate Sites in a Click: Spacemaker

The contemporary work culture intensely revolves around document or data sharing through clouds. This is extensively pertinent for maximum industries, but have you ever encountered real estate work proceedings conducted in a digitized manner? Envision developing cities as colossal as Paris that too every week, making use of AI in real estate development.

Sounds insane?

It isn’t. Let us introduce everyone to Spacemaker – One of a kind organization turning dreams into reality. To brief a bit about the company, Spacemaker is an advanced technology organization that recognized the dire need to make collaborating, analyzing, and designing real estate a necessity.

The vision popped in their heads while noticing the multiplying population of the world, precisely picturing the expected jump to nearly 10 billion citizens by 2050. And, 90% of these people are most likely to reside in cities, cities as ravishing as Paris. But, for construction, the buildings emit 40% of carbon emissions.

With the real estate getting saturated and competitive, just roll up your sleeves, and get inspired by Spacemaker to distinguish yourself from your competitors.

The Inception of Spacemaker’s Thought

The hotshot idea behind designing Spacemaker was designing ‘sustainable cities at scale’. They witnessed the evolution of cities unfolding in the world by greater than 2 billion over the upcoming 30 years. This already poses a global challenge and propels the need for a cleaner and faster approach to real estate to build all of them.

Spacemaker construction industry

The construction industry is visibly lagging behind in the race of unmatchable standards of refinement, and failing to adapt is just not an option. Spacemaker, with its indisputable thought process, recognized the downfall in productivity that had started in the 1950s. They incorporate transformation by considerably ameliorating decision-making, support, and collaboration in the actual real estate setting.

Connecting Incredible Minds

Big results need big minds. Spacemaker discerned the call and brought into the space some extraordinary minds with exceptional skillsets. They hook architects, real-estate developers, urban planners software engineers, management consultants, data scientists, designers, and other stakeholders to produce data-driven findings right from the inception of a real estate project. Spacemaker is a group of 110 people with continuous additions from versatile niches like tech, architecture, design, business, and similar verticals.

Not just connecting people but also seven locations. Spacemark has its presence across Stockholm, Oslo, Paris, Helsinki, Amsterdam, Boston, and Barcelona. Culture matters to them, and this can be well noticed in these collaborations.

AI in Real Estate Development by Spacemaker

Are you an architect? How will you feel about designing a site on a software platform?

Or, delineating a property blueprint by choosing among hundreds of data sets featuring as whopping as 100 criteria like terrain, roads and traffic, buildings, daylight, wind, infrastructure, and so on?

Or, develop an absolutely digitized site alongside getting a 360-degree view as well. How exciting are all these! Spacemaker makes all these feasible, and even more.

Monumental Innovations

They have devised a solution for developers where AI will be piloting the site planning process. Developers will have the liberty to envisage their planning without having to risk it by trying out myriad criteria. They can experiment by embracing feasibility studies, and at the same time, optimize the site proposals based on population and living features.

The zone planning strategy generates swift results by dramatically reducing the time invested in feasibility studies to obtaining, from accession to ultimately site planning and edifice. There is a wholesome 3D model devised by the company where continuous decision-making is conducted in an absolute digital workflow.

Spacemaker’s architects

Made by architects, for architects. Spacemaker’s architects have constructed a site planning software where up to 100 benchmarks can be put together. Now, architects can seamlessly weave together functions like tracking the project, running feasibility tests, restrained analyzing time, and endless creations.

Why cease to pursue just a singular real estate project at a time? Through this solution, accessing multiple real estate projects concurrently, and in an unshakable workflow is what they have configured.

Remodeling of Site Acquisition and Development

When it comes to site acquisition and development, Spacemaker’s sheer originality can be witnessed from the real-time geometry analysis that helps assess and conduct viscosity and volume computations in a speck of time.

They offer regulatory adherence that involves acting in accordance with everything possible like noise or daylight. This single platform opens doors to experiment, analyze, and undergo any risky business that would have otherwise cost a huge loss.

This platform acts as an eye-opener, and puts before the supreme question – Is the place liveable? Is the quality of living worthwhile? Measure seemingly trivial but actually significant factors like the amount of sunlight or air the property will receive, or will there be decent views? You get a thorough realization in case something goes awry.

This platform leads you ahead of competitors. You will start wearing confidence more generously when it becomes effortless in pricing land by amping the count of high-conviction bids while increasing the propensity of acquiring more sites. Lastly, and most rudimentary factor is their complete transparency while functioning in a digitized manner. No hidden discussion or cost is involved, and sellers get clarity of the advantages of the proposal.

All in all, Spacemaker is literally winning the hearts of numerous top-notch clients like Clemen Eiendom, NREP, Valode & Pistre, OBOS, Milarium, Skanska, and more, with the best use of AI in real estate development and blending their prolific business ideas into it.

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