NuvoAir – A Modern-Day Digital Health Platform For  Patient Empowerment

NuvoAir – A Modern-Day Digital Health Platform For Patient Empowerment

1 out of 2 people in India undergoes respiratory issues. Surprised? Well, this is the reality. And, one of the common reasons is the rise in pollution levels. If you’re one of the residents of Delhi NCR, then chances are high that most days you will find yourself engulfed in layers of pollution. Statements from Lady Hardinge medical hospital have stated how there has been a 40 to 50 percent increase in patients suffering acute pulmonary symptoms as a result of pollution. The stress level regarding respiratory issues is quite on the rise. What if you were told that patients can now undergo an exemplary respiratory check-up, that too virtually? Quite hard to believe? NuvoAir makes it possible. NuvoAir is among the fewest healthcare organizations that aim at patient empowerment through virtual-first care or V1C.

After using NuvoAir, around 80% of patients experienced a dip in their hospital visits, and 87% experienced an improvement in quality of life. Interested in knowing more about how this respiratory health controller aims at patient advocacy? Let us dig right into it.

NuvoAir puts forward a blend of human-led care and ingenious technology to offer solace to respiratory concerns.


Firstly, What Exactly is NuvoAir?

NuvoAir is one of the first respiratory healthcare offering virtual patient engagement. It acts as a boon for patients undergoing serious and aggravating issues like Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Chronic Heart Failure (CHF) or Asthma. The organization is developed with the help of some of the most adept healthcare workers who are committed to bringing the best of respiratory issues with the help of advanced technology.

When was NuvoAir founded? This innovative brand saw its first light in the year 2016. Post that, there was no turning back with regard to offering the best respiratory treatment. The brand has excelled in a humongous way as can be witnessed by its exceptional feature of enabling patients and clinicians to decide based on real-time data and insights.

How is NuvoAir Redefining Patient Empowerment?

The world is a victim of innumerable patients suffering from respiratory concerns, and too severe ones. NuvoAir, having witnessed this agonizing concern has re-envisioned healthcare technology and resulted in a much simplified medical diagnosis. People experiencing COPD issues tend to live with co-existing concerns like CHF or Congestive Heart Failure, and that makes attending quite a challenging matter.

In fact, there are numerous renowned health plans, ACOs, and healthcare providers who count on this brand for escalating their results. With NuvoAir, you will not have to stress about the excess bills paid to the hospitals. At the same time, you will also relish advantages like experiencing telemedicine, and fast service – all in all, a complete virtual-first care model.

How Does NuvoAir Employ Technology For Assisting Patient Empowerment?

If there is any one phenomenon that anticipates the complexities imposed by COPD then it has to be NuvoAir. The brand has taken numerous measures in offering the best version of digital health. This platform is developed by amalgamating disruptive technology, connected devices, and human-led assistance. This complete blend is advantageous in amplifying the diagnosis, management, and treatment of severe respiratory cases living with comorbidities.

NuvoAir Home

NuvoAir Home is a platform that is majorly developed on self-management. Through this platform, you can seamlessly enjoy advanced insights about your health, analyze medication effectiveness, and also adjust treatment plans for streamlining outcomes.

The CE-marked Bluetooth spirometer is extremely redefined in terms of lung care. One can obtain complete spirometry data which is accurate, user-friendly, compliant, and cloud-based. NuvoAir sensor is linked with the patient’s pMDI inhalers already possessed by them. These sensors automatically pursue the approach through which patients consume their medications.

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Furthermore, remote monitoring is also offered through the Cough Count app which senses patients’ nightly coughs. This holds 80% accuracy in cough count and you will not even require additional hardware. NuvoAir offers Fitbit integration that helps patients address their respiratory issues at home, at ease.  

Rich Association of NuvoAir

The eminent thought process and level of innovation implemented by NuvoAir have been rightly observed. Topnotch companies that are equally beneficial in patient education are Seattle Children’s, Roche, NHS Royal Brompton & Harefield, Regeneron, Novartis, NHS King’s College Hospital, Dartmouth Hitchcock, Boston Children’s Hospital, University of Ioannina, and more, are some of the partners of this brand.

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The innovative mechanism behind NuvoAir is undoubtedly a boon to the sphere of respiratory healthcare. This platform rightly administers patient empowerment and that is evident from the range of awards NuvoAir has been accredited with – Nordic Startup Awards, Eye for Pharma Awards, Reddot Design Award, and so on.

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