Industries are moving to the Cloud. Should you?

Industries are moving to the Cloud. Should you?

Companies have a lot of data. The data are stored on hard drives. The hard drives on servers require space and maintenance. Maintenance? – think of cooling them using ACs and powering them with electricity and a room where all of it safely stored with all the security it commands! Now think of lots of data having lots of hard drives requiring lot of maintenance. What if the servers can be rid from the office entirely? Sounds cool right. The administration, storage, and analysis of data generated by industries is a massive operation that takes a long time and requires a lot of effort. When you move all this to cloud, Voila! You can access anything and everything from anywhere via cloud because access to cloud requires you to have internet.

Today we talk about the industries that are moving to cloud.

Modern technologies like cloud had to overcome a lot of opposition a decade ago. Cloud services, on the other hand, have grown over time and are now receiving far more recognition and acceptance than ever before. Because cloud provides numerous benefits in this area, industries are now preparing to take the next step. Joining this trend has become a necessity for businesses. Though not all industries are ready to migrate to the cloud already, the overall outlook for cloud-based services appears to be extremely positive.

Businesses are choosing and customizing their requirements with cloud services based on their needs.

Let us delve deeper and have a look at industries transitioning to cloud

1. Manufacturing

Manufacturing sector to a great extent depends on creating products from raw materials. By moving to cloud, the manufacturing sector benefits much on time and costs and a remarkably improved supply-chain helping such businesses focus on their job – manufacturing.

2. Retail

The retailers with multiple stores can efficiently manage all their day-to-day operations using cloud services. Obviously with more players joining the retail sector, the competition has reached an all-time high. To stay relevant the businesses are adapting to cloud as a means of providing solutions that gives one business an edge over the other.

3. Government

In the recent times, the government all over the world have realized that the cloud-based services are now more secure than ever and by utilizing these services, the goal of providing quality and cost-efficient services to citizens can be realized.

4. Healthcare

With better healthcare and increased awareness on health, the healthcare sector has seen immense growth in recent times. The volume of this medical data is increasing significantly with time because somehow now people care more about their health and are willing to get periodic tests done. Cloud services offer numerous advantages in terms of cost as compared to on-site storage.

5. Agriculture

With the use of cloud services, farmers have been able to make better crop related decisions. The past data related to crop can be effectively stored and managed by cloud services for analysis purpose. Farmers depend a lot on weather conditions and ever evolving situations can be predicted in advance. This is where cloud can help provide solutions in advance to take decisive actions.

6. Automotive

The sector has seen a slow growth over the last few years. Since most technical tasks are related this sector i.e., engineering simulations, data analysis require powerful computing facilities, the cloud services can provide immense help in providing infrastructure support. Cloud can help this sector to reduce costs and at the same time ensure reduced costs and increased

7. Education

Education sector needs to stay updated with current trends to make students learn innovative technologies. The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us that virtual classes have their own merits and teaching shall not be restricted to only physical classes. For ex. During pandemic new and innovative solutions were required so that students can be provided classroom teaching experience in their homes. Cloud is expected to play a game changing role in achieving the things in future that are unheard of.

8. Financial

Financial institutions are now transforming to provide more and more digital services to their customers. Though cloud has many benefits for financial institutions, some of them are as follows

  • Secure and effortless transactions
  • Reduction on infrastructure costs i.e., servers and data centres
  • Minimizing glitches and increasing overall availability of services

9. Hospitality

By using cloud services, now it is possible to provide prompt and quality services to the customers. The other benefits include reduced operating costs, improved and enhanced guest experience and ease of booking of services.

10. Legal

Most of the legal documents are classified and cannot be saved on servers or in open domain for security reasons. However, with time the process of shifting fewer classified documents from servers to cloud must start for the sake of change. However, in recent times there has been a change in how cloud services are being perceived by legal industry. All thanks to the latest improvements in cloud services which ensures better security of data than the traditional methods.

Clouds are where the dreams are, and dreams are what injects passion in us to get wings. So, if you have not yet moved, it is not a sin that you have committed. But you better have a good reason why you have not yet begun to think about it yet. (Yes, there are some still there who have not yet moved to cloud.)

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Rachit AgarwalIndustries are moving to the Cloud. Should you?