5 Best Distribution and Monetizing Platforms for HTML5 Games

5 Best Distribution and Monetizing Platforms for HTML5 Games

Talk of the town is not how many HTML5 apps you have crafted but rather how many you were able to successfully market and distribute to top notch market platforms. I am sure that you are never running short of great apps based on HTML5 implementation, but what matters most is the right distribution of these apps on platforms and this completes the App Development Process and conclusively that’s the icing on the cake. Today talk of the town is not how many HTML5 apps you have crafted but rather how many you were able to successfully market and distribute to top notch market platforms. Definitely the Mobile Ecosystem is also spell bounded by the myriad HTML5 based applications. Supportingly, I would say that HTML5 offers some distinct benefits over its counterparts which definitely include improved graphics and animations, geolocation support and dynamic data storage features.

“In the 21st Century, entertainment should be accessible without downloads, installations, or special equipment. Play anywhere, anytime, no matter what device you use!”
-Alexander Krug, Founder and CEO of SOFTGAMES.


Bringing forth for you few distributing and monetizing platforms for your HTML5 games with this blog of mine, I believe it will at least make you re-think the Mobile Strategy around your app. These distributing platforms offer most global coverage to a huge potential audience. As competition is growing and apps ecosystem is mushrooming, Monetization and Distribution have started making more sense. Even developers find it difficult to achieve visibility on them.

Given that HTML5 games are quite compatible with all the recent browsers, it is likely that you can make an easy distribution process for your HTML5 game.

You can always make more money as and when it is played by more people. To get revenue from your game, it is imperative to distribute it through as many as platforms. HTML5 is great because there are so many marketplaces you can get your game in. Few HTML5 games distribution platforms are Mozilla Marketplace, Chrome Web store, Facebook,Windows App store and many game portals like FGL(popularly known as Flash Game License), MarketJS, BoosterMedia, Kongregate, GameMix, CrazyGames, Softgames, itch.io.

Lets discuss in detail a few HTML5 games distribution platforms:

1- Softgames:

Softgames is one such great HTML5 games distribution platform which acts as a great partner to help you monetize your HTML5 game. Softgames is among the world’s largest HTML5 games publishing platform with 10,000,000+ monthly active users. Softgames distribute white-label and ad-supported HTML5 games to various companies and publishers.

Service Highlights:

  • A complete managed and branded white label service offered to game developers.
  • Manual game distribution tools help in adding free HTML5 games to your site with ease.
  • Branding with true cross platform solutions.
  • Stream the games rather directly to the destination you want.
  • Helps you taking your user engagement and retention to the next higher level.

2 – BoosterMedia

BoosterMedia serve HTML5 content to players in 50+ countries. BoosterMedia is one such HTML5 games publishing platform which takes interest in cloud-based gaming and therefore has built a social mobile gaming platform in partnership with leading brands and social networks. Unfortunately, BoosterMedia’s API is quite complicated and is difficult to work with especially when you are using an engine like GameMaker Studio or Construct 2 for your HTML5 games.

Service Highlights:

  • BoosterMedia simplifies games content management system.
  • BoosterMedia also offers fully-customized white label portal for your brand.
  • Users and game developers can also opt for custom games selection.
  • It gives customized look and feel with complete technical integration.
  • Users can also decide to include social games community into the portal with leaderboards and achievements.
  • BoosterMedia also deliver a fully automated games-feed (JSON/XML/RSS) which helps in getting the latest version available, including promotional artworks in many languages.

3- GamePix

It is a great aggregator and HTML5 games publishing platform. Offering a comprehensive and high-end product, both enterprises and for HTML5 game developers are now willing to engage and monetize their user-base. With easy-to-use distribution channel GamePix helps HTML5 game developers to extend their reach to new users.

Service Highlights:

  • GamePix offer users ready-to-use solutions to publish HTML5 games and APIs for a fully customizable integration.
  • The game portal also allows you to publish high quality HTML5 games meaning it will help you in boosting stats, engaging your users and finding new ones.
  • GamePix also gives the option of real time bidding on ads in order to maximize your revenues.
  • GamePix API allows you to showcase all your gaming creativity and therefore get ready to take your HTML5 games to next level.

4- FGL

FGL which was formerly known as Flash Game License is a great online marketplace where game developers can upload their games, get the feedback and look for sponsorships. FGL holds expertise in leading distribution and monetization services for HTML5 games, Android, iOS, Unity and Flash.

Service Highlights:

  • FGL offers you privilege of uploading your game on marketplace and puts the unreleased game up for bid or lets you sell your (already) released game
  • Helping thousands of games distributed across varied platforms.
  • Users can also utilize FGL’s various APIs & services for web and mobile games. They can get access to some of the most lucrative monetization platforms. Some amazing features which users can get benefit of – are cross promotions and in-game ads.

5- Market JS:

MarketJS is a great HTML5 games publishing platform and an ultimate hub for buying and selling HTML5 game licenses. Using extensible features of Market JS you can easily get your HTML5 games instantly and conveniently plus you can customize your brand and deploy the same on your own server. MarketJS even takes care of custom game development, and therefore offers you with HTML5 based games which work wonderfully on smartphones, tablets and desktops.

Service Highlights:

  • MarketJS provides white label game solutions and therefore engage your audiences with complete customizable platform.
  • MarketJS helps in monetizing the games with various ad formats which includes text, banner and video ads. It helps in making your ads work across all the devices whether they are your smartphone, tablets or PC’s.
  • MarketJS helps game developers in gaining data and insights of how your games portal is performing and therefore helps in making necessary improvements.
  • MarketJS offers a solution which includes player login, social network sharing, chats, messaging systems and much more as far as social engagement feature is concerned. It helps build a brand loyalty and grow with more vibrant community users.
“ Don’t try and break through the noise, just engage”
– Anonymous

The list of these HTML5 games distribution platforms is long and I can go about sharing my findings on and on. Based on your requirement and considering their guidelines and criteria I suppose you can now showcase your creativity and technical know-how better with super-amazing features on these fully-featured HTML5 games distribution platforms. Keep developing rich and exhaustive HTML5 web apps and games using the extensibility of HTML5 Games Engines and Frameworks and advertise them extensively.

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