Dreamforce Decoded: A Skyward Journey into Cloud Computing

Dreamforce Decoded: A Skyward Journey into Cloud Computing

Are you all ready to attend Salesforce’s flagship annual conference, Dreamforce 2023? Like every year, Salesforce plans to host the world’s largest tech conference in San Francisco from September 12 to 14. Global leaders, business inventors, and tech enthusiasts can attend and experience it all!

Get set to unlock a glimpse into the future of the technology landscape – Explore a spectacle of Salesforce innovations in Cloud Computing.

Organizations are undoubtedly shifting to the Cloud as Cloud Computing keeps reshaping how businesses manage their infrastructure and operations in 2023. Dreamforce isn’t just a conference; it’s a learning opportunity, a networking hub, and a showcase of the latest trends in Technology. Do you want to know how to utilize the three-day-long event to master Cloud Computing? Let’s explore the innovations of the technology world through the lens of Dreamforce 2023!

Dreamforce 2023: A Gateway to Cloud Computing Excellence

Dreamforce 2023, hosted by Salesforce, is one of the largest and most influential technology events globally. It’s a convergence of top industry leaders and business executives who gather to explore the latest advancements in cloud computing.

This year Salesforce plans to announce the latest inventions, upgrades, and functionality enhances of the following Cloud Products & Services:

Sales Cloud

The Sales Cloud solution from Salesforce combines the platform’s Artificial Intelligence, Data Cloud, and CRM capabilities to boot business sales. This product includes a Sales Data Platform, Sales Einstein, and a Sales Analytics platform to accelerate business ROI with higher sales figures.

Service Cloud

Service GPT by Salesforce is a cloud-based service that helps businesses start their customer service AI journey. It delivers personalized customer service facilities at a large scale using Salesforce Service Cloud capabilities.

Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Marketing Cloud offers a unique way for marketers to interact with their marketing systems. It enables one-to-one personalization facilities for businesses. Fuled with data-driven answers, Marketing Cloud runs GPT powered marketing campaigns that use Generative AI.

Commerce Cloud

Commerce GPT is Salesforce’s cloud-based solution that empowers eCommerce businesses to maximize growth and increase sales quickly. Commerce AI, Digital Storefronts, and Embedded Apps – These are some of the key capabilities of Commerce Cloud that power businesses with substantial growth.

Data Cloud

Connect, harmonize, engage, and experience – Salesforce Data Cloud uses AI and automation to unify customer data in a single platform. Businesses can take calculated actions based on the data insights in real-time.

Net Zero Cloud

Businesses seeking an end-to-end sustainability management solution must try the Net Zero Cloud from Salesforce. It helps reduce costs and carbon emissions with automated supplier emission trackers, data sustainability, and progress tracking.

Dreamforce 2023 focuses on three primary technologies – Artificial Intelligence, Customer Relationships Management, and Data. Cloud Computing is the core of all these services, backing them with top-notch infrastructure and functional capabilities.

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Establishing Cloud Computing Through Dreamforce 2023

Now you know the primary cloud-based solutions from Salesforce, it’s time to explore how to establish Cloud Computing through this year’s Dreamforce conference.

Decide Your Objectives For Attending Deramforce

Before attending Dreamforce, clarify your goals for leveraging cloud computing. Are you looking to optimize existing processes, reduce infrastructure costs, or enhance customer engagement? A clear objective will help you have fun and learn simultaneously at Dreamforce.

Plan Your Dreamforce Schedule

Dreamforce Conference kickstarts on September 12, 2023. The three-day-long conference will have various events, including boot camps, hands-on workshops, live sessions, roundtables, etc. Accordingly, here is the schedule for Dreamforce 2023:

September 11: Badge Pickup and Certification Exams

September 12: Badge Pickup, Campground, Trailblazer Forest, Dreamforest, Lodge Village, Theater and Breakout Sessions, Main Keynote, and Dreamforce Homecoming Celebration

September 13: Same as Day 2 and Dreamfest

September 14: Same as Day 2

To plan your schedule, you must follow this agenda and select sessions that you find interesting. Prioritize introductory sessions and hands-on labs on advanced topics to establish your cloud computing objectives.

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Suggestions: Sessions To Attend

1. Marketing Cloud Release Highlight:

Explore how the Marketing Cloud will leverage AI to accumulate correct marketing data based on different customer journeys.

Facilitators: Heather Rinke, Whitni Freeman, and Ruth Bolster

2. Financial Services Cloud Roadmap:

Get a sneak peek about the upcoming Salesforce Releases in the Finance Cloud.

Facilitators: Heather Rinke, Whitni Freeman, and Ruth Bolster

3. Introducing Data Cloud for Automotive:

Learn how to use Data cloud for automotive powers and enhance vehicle experiences using Driver 360 from Salesforce.

Facilitators: Taskeen Singh and Nagendra Vankadari

4. Align Design: How Principled Design Drives Salesforce Sales Cloud:

Learn the key concepts of Sales Cloud that developers can use in product development processes.

Facilitator: Kristen House

5. A Technical Deep Dive: Hoe Data Cloud Works:

Get a complete overview of the Data Cloud and its capabilities, technical architecture, and operational details.

Facilitators: Rajkumari Irudayraj, Narinder Singh, and Armita Peymandoust

These are just some of the 1200+ live sessions Dreamforce 2023 will host! Look at all the sessions online and register for whichever aligns with your goals to establish Cloud Computing.

Engage In Hands-On Labs

Participate in hands-on labs and demos at Dreamforce to gain practical cloud platform and technology experience. These interactive sessions will deepen your understanding and equip you with the skills to implement cloud solutions effectively:

1) Hands-on workshop in Automotive Cloud by Syed Talha and Nagendra Vankadari
2) Create a self-service CX with OmniStuidio and E&U Cloud by Jonathan Kim
3) Introduction to Nonprofit Cloud by Dan Tajbl
4) Unlimited Edition Sales Cloud Hand-on
5) Get started with Salesforce Service Cloud Einstein
6) Build smart segments with Data and marketing Cloud and AI by Noga Saban and Oren Paikowsky

Also, sessions at Dreamforce 2023 are “first come, first seated.” You must register for the interested hands-on labs because the space is limited. Plus, you must bring a personal laptop for all hands-on labs.

Explore The Salesforce Ecosystem

To leverage Salesforce’s CRM and cloud solutions, attend sessions specific to the Salesforce ecosystem. Dreamforce typically includes an exhibition area where various cloud service providers, including Salesforce, showcase their offerings. Additionally, you can learn how businesses use Salesforce to transform their operations and gain insights into implementing similar strategies in your organization.

So, Are You Ready for Dreamforce 2023?

Learning about Salesforce’s offerings can be instrumental in understanding how cloud computing can be tailored to specific business needs. The best platform to do so is Dreamforce 2023! From September 12 to 14, gream up as you get a chance to explore the epicness of today’s technology innovations, including CRM, AI, and Data Analytics.

Date: September 12 – 14, 2023

Venue: Moscone Center in San Fransisco

Registration: Register here

Pricing: $2,299 for in-person attendees; free for online attendees

Live streaming: Salesforce+ Channel

Attend, learn, connect, network, and grow – It’s the ultimate place of discovery! Feel the inspiration in the main keynote as you connect with global tech leaders like Marc Benioff (Salesforce CEO), Sam Altman (OpenAI creator), Clara Shih (Salesforce AI), and many more! Visit the Customer 360 experience and network with industry peers in the Dreamforce 2023 Campground!

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