5 Top #EnterpriseMobility Trends To Watch For In 2018

5 Top #EnterpriseMobility Trends To Watch For In 2018

IoT (Internet of Things), Artificial Intelligence(AI) based solutions and Enterprise Mobility services have been the eye-grabbers when it comes to the top technology trends recently. 2017 has been a massive year for enterprise mobility and it has been constantly evolving to become an essential and integral part of an organization’s growth. At this point, it is imperative for our readers to understand that enterprise mobility not only implies people who are involved into working on mobile and devices, but it also involves mobile corporate data.

Enterprise Mobility Trends 2018

Let’s waste no time and jump onto the top enterprise mobility trends:

1. Artificial Intelligence and Enterprise Mobility

The concept of AI is growing at a lightning pace and amidst all the ruckus around artificial intelligence, machine learning(ML) has been the crux of all technologies this year. However many companies fail to realize and anticipate the importance and utility of game-changing technologies like AI and ML, so they should now definitely start leveraging the advantages of these technologies along with the rise of BYOD. With the growing demand for BYOD, the AI based security will play a major role in the upcoming year.

2. Increased Migration To Cloud

There has been an increased maturity of cloud services and due to the easy availability of information at affordable prices, big data has been able to make its way into the mix and up the game for enterprise mobility. It has accelerated the process of migration of enterprise solutions to the cloud. However, the security issues involved in the cloud still remains a problem. As a solution to this challenge, enterprises are going for more and more hybrid structures. They are hosting the information-critical-apps on premises whereas the other apps which have less critical information on cloud.

3. Location-based Enterprise Applications

The constant increase in the number of commercial application will cause a major leap to the mobile devices and eventually lower the dependency on the on-premise computers. 2018 will also see a greater hardware integration with the mobile devices to improve the overall experience of going mobile.

4. IoT Continues To Play An Imperative Roles

Enterprise mobility has become an irreplaceable force to be reckoned with. IoT’s ability to derive data from a user’s daily habit and the ability to map the regular pattern has become a powerful tool for the businesses to take the correct decision at the appropriate time. With BYOD at its peak, IoT will definitely play a tremendous role. The rise of the Internet of Things and enterprise mobility along with connected wearable devices will take the growth and productivity of business to yet another level this year. This trend will surely outshine to become the future of the business operations in 2018.

5. Enterprise Mobility Management

EMM software will gain a lot of traction this year. Enterprises have unlocked the maximum potential of mobility by all means. They have accomplished it by migrating the in-house business processes to the handheld devices which has thereby improved communication and resolved myriad issues and have aided in speeding up the workflow and process cycle for enterprises. In such scenarios security issues are bound to crop up and this will be the concern which will lead to the EMM software dependency.

Enterprise mobility is one of the most imperative pillars of digital transformation. It is finding a strong foothold in the IT market today and seems to have proved already it has the potential to escape its current state of being merely an ‘internal application’ in a company. No doubt Enterprise Mobility is all set to share the podium with the big guns – Cloud Migration and IoT which are contributing most to digital transformation in the year 2018 ready to shape the future of the companies.

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