Ektron – A Comprehensive Web Content Management System

Ektron – A Comprehensive Web Content Management System

Web Content Management System is a solution which makes it easy for you to create, manage and publish the content on the internet. There are of course many powerful CMS solutions which are available today such as WordPress, Joomla, Ektron, Sitefinity and lot of others. But which one is the best for you? In this blog, we shall be discussing Ektron’s capabilities and see if Ektron is and your business are a good match or not?

Ektron is a comprehensive system which helps you in adding, modifying, editing, deleting and managing various contents of a webpage. Ektron is a kind of back-end for any website which is not visible to the users. Ektron as a system helps in managing entire website.

It helps in publishing content and offers you flexibility to manage your website workflow that too without technical coding knowledge. Here we have listed out a few reasons why Ektron is a strong contender for a robust web content management system.

A- Ruling Reasons Out

1: User-Friendly

Without having an understanding of HTML codes, technicality, and other web programming techniques, using all complexities of coding and structural complexities enclosed within .Net framework, users can easily create, manage and publish content through a simple interface.

2: Authentic Microsoft ASP.Net Platform

Ektron is a web content management engine which is powered by ASP.Net which allows it to be flexible and scalable enough to meet the business requirements and holds complete control over the design and development of the website.

3: Compatibility With Existing Business Models

Ektron allows you to integrate it with the existing system, therefore, you need not replace your existing business models and applications. Ektron is flexible and it allows easy and simplified integration with dynamic workflow management system.

4: Device Independency

Ektron offers simplified solutions for all device users. Whether you are using smartphone or laptop or tablet or desktop, Ektron suits all. With solutions like e-Mobile tools, it helps in delivering content which is device compatible.

5: Socialization Simplified

Ektron with its distinguished social business software applications makes easy for its employees have their own social networking platform which helps in social media marketing.

B- Exclusive Features Of Ektron

1: Intuitive Content Authoring

Ektron holds world’s best content editor. With powerful styling options, author has WYSIWYG environment. With easy Ektron’s SmartForms, users can create complex content with complete easy. Extendible and customized authoring experience with simplified authoring experience.

2: Visual Page And Site Creation

Ektron empowers marketers, developers and content creators. It helps in creating, managing and optimizing mobile experience with responsive web design support. Users can add lists, content, forms and multimedia to web pages. It is easy to use and has an intuitive interface.

3: Mobile Apps And Websites

Ektron helps in the optimized delivery of content across various devices and channels. You can easily deliver content to tablets and smartphones. Ektron automatically adapts, resize or swap the images. Ektron helps in using responsive web design for an adaptive site.

4: Multilingual Sites

Ektron ensures for relevant and high-quality content. Ektron enforces persistent translation processes. It supports the XLIFF translation processes. Ektron integrates translation with solution partners like Globalization Partners Limited and Lionbridge.

5: Powerful Architecture And Deployment

Ektron holds most secure, scalable and extensible web content management platform. It offers unlimited scale either on-premise or in the cloud. It creates highly available architecture.

6: Developer Friendly

Ektron offers more than 80 pre-built controls. Ektron helps in improving productivity through a persistent and discoverable set of APIs. It easily connects and integrates with Marketing automation system, CRM, Analytics, Sharepoint and more.

7: Ektron’s eSync

Ektron’s eSync revolutionizes the way that websites are built, deployed and maintained. There are many benefits of Ektron eSync. It is the only synchronization solution that can keep websites up-to-date effectively and also gives you a level of control over your site which was once impossible. With this platform, you can set up scheduled eSyncs from Auth to Live. You can configure firewalls too. You can even develop separate profiles for the template and content syncs which makes the synchronization easier. Synchronization logs keep records of all previous eSyncs. Right from single sites, to global multi-sites, eSync gives you scalable and geo-synchronization capabilities which allow easy updating howsoever whatsoever and whenever you want.

C- Does it make sense?

Last but not the least another main reason to choose Ektron is that it is a quick 5-minute install process, followed by a 10-minute indexing of your site content and that’s it. You have a scalable enterprise search utility complete with faceted navigation and recommendation of similar results. There is a lot in store with each upcoming version of Ektron and there are fantastic upgrades happening. The bottom line is Ektron has emerged as an impressive WCMS. If you are still confused if Ektron suits your business needs, hire an expert who will help you by studying your own business needs and match it with Ektron’s offerings and help you conclude if it is the right fit or not.

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