Simplified Automation Testing With 5 Best DevOps Testing Tools

Simplified Automation Testing With 5 Best DevOps Testing Tools

Continuous delivery is rapidly changing the standard for software development. The may business driver behind such initiative is delivering new functionality to your customers quickly. Although this theory is easy to state but difficult to implement and practice.If your system goes down once a week your customers are unlikely to be happy.

There are a lot of test automation tools which make regression testing possible and very much practical. These testing frameworks are available for DevOps consulting and implementation as they assist organizations with their configuration, delivery management needs and integration. This helps in saving time and automating the entire testing process.

Here are some of the best DevOps testing tools discussed:

1: Jenkins

Jenkins is an open-source DevOps testing tool which automates all types of tasks such as testing, building and deploying the software. It helps in quickly finding and resolving the code based on automation tests of their builds. Jenkins is compatible with all the operating systems and versions like Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. Jenkins can be easily installed as it comes with WAR file. The set-up and configured easily with the help of web interface.

2: Appium

Appium which is a freely distributed open source mobile application is another great UI testing framework which allows native, hybrid, native and web app testing. Since Appium uses vendor-provided automation frameworks there is no need of additionally compile any Appium or any third party framework. The biggest advantage of using Appium is that it offers cross-platform test scripts. The set-up process is also very much simplified. It comprises of a simple application which takes little memory for test process.


It is another amazing DevOps software tool using which computer programmers test software. Cucumber is written in Ruby programming language and its projects are available for other platforms apart from Ruby. Cucumber runs automated acceptance tests. These tests are written in a behavior-driven development (BDD) style. BDD is considered as a practice which tests systems rather than testing code. Cucumber, a Ruby-based test tool is used to write and run automated acceptance tests which are in simple, plain English and can be easily comprehended by developers, testers and BA’s.

4: Stackify Retrace

Stackify Retrace is a lightweight DevOps testing tool. It which shows errors queries, real-time logs and more directly into the workstation. It also provides the instant feedback loop to check what Java web applications and .NET apps are doing. Also, docker certified plugins and containers provide tested, certified and supported solutions.

5: AppVerify

AppVerify allows you to test entire business flow including all the third-party applications. It is the continuous testing solution which is designed for business applications and it allows testing without adding plugins or writing a single line of code. It facilitates testing for Agile and DevOps Teams. AppVerify replicates user interactions with the application and gives metrics about end users’ experience which includes screenshots of failures if any. Here the scripts are created automatically while using application and then can be easily edited without coding.

To Make The Choice

With all these open source and commercial tools available the implementation and integration of most suited tool for your DevOps business need and strategy can be a little-complicated task. You would definitely require right technology partner where you can end up in saving a lot of time, money and effort.This increases quality and time to market. Algoworks Technologists help you in realizing gains which DevOps can offer with proper automated testing frameworks.

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