Developing HTML5 Mobile Apps Using Sencha Touch

Developing HTML5 Mobile Apps Using Sencha Touch

Sencha Touch is the leading MVC-based JS framework which is used for building cross-platform mobile web applications. While Sencha Touch 2 helps in building HTML5 mobile web applications, Sencha Touch offers everything you may need to create the most impressive of apps for iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows and more. The magic lies in the fact that the smooth scrolling, fluid animations, and adaptive layout engines help in responding to user actions instantaneously just like native technologies.

A- Featuring Sencha Touch:

1: Device Features and Native Packaging

Sencha Touch app development can easily work in every mobile browser. Sencha Touch is fully integrated with PhoneGap and Cordova for device APIs such as camera and Accelerometer. Sencha Touch also supports the PhoneGap build for native packaging. Application which is generated with Sencha cmd has an ability to switch on native building through these services.

Native application uses a particular platform or device in order to interact with that particular operating system’s features. So many businesses may find it difficult to develop mobile apps on different platforms. Sencha Touch framework simplifies all this as with some simple steps developers can create a native app which can work across several platforms. Hence, businesses do not have to worry for creating separate applications for multiple platforms.

2: HTML5 device APIs

A device API allows developers to create Web applications that interact with device hardware. It is basically the use of device hardware to interact with the Web in ways beyond the standard Web browser interaction process available. Sencha Touch developers package this with their development making usage of the web better than ever before.

3: High-Performing and Native-Looking UI Widgets

Sencha Touch offers industry’s most comprehensive collection of high-performance UI widgets which includes carousels, lists, menus, forms and toolbars which are built specifically for mobile platforms. Sencha Touch app development offers high performing web apps with reduced development time and intuitive user interface. Native looking themes available in a wider range of mobile platforms making Sencha Touch a popular framework. You can create impressive apps with that look and feel native to iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone and more.

4: Robust Layouts, Animations, and Smooth Scrolling

Applications using Sencha Touch are highly scalable and flexible. Apps provide comprehensive touch gestures and events such as scroll, tap, pinch and swipe which makes it more accessible and user-friendly. Great scrolling and animations are made available for almost all devices and what makes it more versatile is the native looking performance which is driven by UI widgets. A great layout engine that leverages HTML5 simplifies the process of switching from landscape to portrait. The switching gets easy and layout engine ensures pixel perfection as the framework uses best scrolling and animation for each device, which results in a great experience.

5: Advanced Mobile Charting Package

Using a broad range of charts like line, bar and pie charts Sencha Ext JS charting package allows you to visually represent data. Such charts use surfaces and sprites developed with a drawing package which are implemented using SVG, VML, and Canvas technologies. These Ext JS charts also support touch gestures on mobile devices hence provides enhanced interactive features to the charts such as pan, zoom, and pinch.

B- Accelerating HTML5 application development using Sencha Architect:

Sencha Architect empowers you to develop HTML5 applications using drag-and-drop features hence you spend lesser time on manual coding and your application code is optimized for high performance. Sencha saves developers time by as the automatic generation code accelerates development of both the desktop and mobile applications.

1: Visual Application Builder: It helps you in creating Sencha Touch framework in an easy-to-use and drag-and-drop environment. As the tool name is Visual, the tool also lets you see what users will see as you are building your application.

2: Architect User Extensions: In the list of available frameworks you can easily add the custom components and can build your own framework too. Even you can choose many useful extensions from Sencha community.

3: Visual Theme Builder: Visual Theme Builder helps in customizing themes and re-skinning the look and feel of your apps. You can use these custom themes in other projects by exporting and importing them.

Conclusively, Sencha Touch offers much better native experience, it is fast and gives good touch and gesture support. It is very much flexible and offers great charting package. Hence, we do understand that user experience is the key to success for any app. With high return on investments, high productivity, decreased costs and enhanced quality we strive hard to develop consistent, smoother and better apps on all platforms.


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