Cross-Platform Mobile App Development Using Telerik

Cross-Platform Mobile App Development Using Telerik

A- Introduction Telerik

Telerik offers native options cross-platform apps development of iOS, Android and Windows mobile apps. The Telerik application development mobilizes, modernizes, and fastens the Xamarin mobile app development process. It can accelerate every step of your mobile project remarkably. Now let’s check out how exactly and how do we go about implementing Telerik firstly?

B- Steps In Telerik Implementation

Telerik platform along with rapid development of building cross platform native apps also helps in providing a complete solution hence supports entire scope of mobile strategy for your organization.


Designing – You can create fashionably great visuals using Telerik controls. You simply have to assemble your mobile application from a library which has pre-designed screens and then you can easily connect these screens to live data hence generating a fully functional mobile application. Design themes in Telerik help in making your application intuitive and gorgeous. The built-in design themes are user-friendly by the way. Don’t be worried.


Easy Application Building – Telerik offers JavaScript and CSS skills for creating mobile apps. It is suggested to clone an existing project because instead of starting a fresh project right from the scratch it is better to use pre-built and ready-to-deploy project templates.


Simplified Connecting of Applications – With no effort Telerik allows connecting your mobile application with existing data of your organization. Developers can do this by using built-in data connectors. Telerik also helps in the simplified scaling of your application by leveraging cloud, private cloud or on-premise services which may include push-notifications, storage, responsive images and much more. You have to make sure that your application also works offline and synchronizes data smartly.


Refined Testing of Apps – Here comes another step of testing your application using Telerik controls. Telerik Device Cloud allows you to run automated tests against 300 plus mobile devices. You can test and debug your iOS, Android, and Windows applications by using built-in simulators or emulators. You can even perform automated testing using JavaScript and then execute these tests across multiple platforms.


Simplistic Deployment of Apps – Telerik even eases the process of deployment. You can easily deploy your mobile application and publish it on private or public app stores which may vary from Windows, Apple and Google Play. Also, you can push automatic application updates. For approvals and manual updates, push live updates to your mobile application.


Secured Management of Apps – Telerik offers a secure access to your application. Take complete control of your application. Know who has access and who can remotely disable your application.


Trouble-free measurement of apps – Telerik offers crash reports and performance bottlenecks which help in knowing the troubleshooting problems. You can easily gauge the problem areas and find remedies. You can view your app analytics and get in-app user feedback.

C- Telerik – Important Features

1- Extensive set of features and controls

Telerik app development tools offer various components for needs like navigation and layout, editing, interactivity and more. Having years of aggressive product development experience, Telerik ASP .NET controls now claim to offer more than 4000 features.

2- Custom editor’s support

Telerik RadGrid which comprises of GridBoundColumn, GridDropDownColumn and GridCheckBoxColumn, offers Editable columns which allows users to replace their default editor with custom ones. Once these custom editors are created, they can be further used for grid implementations.

3- Outstanding performance and user experience

Telerik controls offer app development tools which produce minimal and clean HTML and CSS. They compresses data transferred between browser and server. These controls minimize memory usage and have robust code which are free from memory leaks.

4- HTML5-Based Rendering

In order to keep apps updated with recent technologies, many Telerik ASP.NET controls offer HTML5 and CSS3-based render mode. The lightweight rendering saves lot of HTML, CSS and resources used by controls thus improving performance.

5- Developer Friendly Toolset

Just like Microsoft ASP.NET controls and AJAX framework, Telerik controls offer app development tools which integrate seamlessly with your Visual Studio toolbox for quick drag-and-drop usage. These controls come with thousands of demos and help tutorials, therefore, providing dedicated support even when you are using trial version.

6- Seamless UX Across Devices and Browsers

Telerik ASP.NET AJAX controls work perfectly across all major browsers like Internet Explorer 6+, Chrome 2+, Firefox 3.6+, Safari 4+ and Opera 10+.

Some New Features And Roadmap Further

Of course, not all the features of Telerik app development tools and controls can be discussed here but few important ones are explained above. Telerik certainly holds some great features which is making it standing out of crowd of many leading cross platform development tools and controls. It comprises of many goodies in the form of various new value additions like improved UI, exporting capabilities and enhanced API using spreadsheet and building contemporary web projects by inducing material design theme. Let’s see how it fairs in the market in the coming times.

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