How Much Will It Cost To Build A Photo Editing Application Like FaceApp

How Much Will It Cost To Build A Photo Editing Application Like FaceApp

Image sharing social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat and also popular viral apps like FaceApp are gaining popularity by every passing day. This constant growth in the popularity of photo editing apps is mainly due to their highly profitable marketing medium that is social media.

Regardless of what reasons are behind the sudden spurt in the demand for photo editing software, the ultimate result turns out to be this – a number of entrepreneurs determined to enter this rapidly flourishing market. But the main question that looms around is what are the costs involved in building a photo-editing app, like FaceApp. For that, let us first look into what FaceApp is and how did it become so popular among the masses.

FaceApp is a mobile application that has been created by the social networking app developers at a Russian company ‘Wireless Lab’ and it is available on the iOS and Android platforms. The app makes use of a technology called ‘Neural Network’ that automatically generates highly realistic transformations of faces provided by way of photographs. This app can make any person’s face look older or younger, put a smile or even change the gender.

FaceApp was released in January 2017 on the iOS platform and in February 2017 on the Android platform. There are many options to maneuver the photos that are uploaded and these include filters, backgrounds, make-up, smiles, hair colors, glasses, hairstyles, beards, age, lens blur, and many more features.

Making a photo editing mobile application like FaceApp is pretty different from developing other kinds of apps. Basically, there are two ways by which companies can develop photo editing apps. One is building the app using only the basic features and the other involves using advanced features of a picture editing app.

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The first method of making a photo editing app involves using only basic photo editing features like registration, social media syncs, photo edits, photo capture, upload from the gallery, search, shop and in-app payment. It might take anywhere around USD 30k to USD 40k to build the app with the help of these features.

On the other hand, advanced photo editing features include AI-powered effects, doodle, short videos, templates, and auto-correction. These advanced photo editing features would definitely have a higher cost of implementation as compared to the basic ones. The approximate figures for developing a photo editing app with these advanced features is between USD 60K to USD 70k.

The figures that have been given above are not concrete and may change on the basis of different geographical locations, varying requirements as well as the standing of the application development company in the market. For example, the cost of developing a photo editing mobile app in India would differ as compared to developing it in Ireland. It is extremely crucial to get hold of custom app developers, who excel in the field of developing high quality and seamless mobile applications.

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