Benefits of Integrating Salesforce with Business Apps

Benefits of Integrating Salesforce with Business Apps

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a very important part of any organization as it offers various services designed to improve companies’ sales processes and help them provide superior customer service.
Being the #1 CRM platform in the world, Salesforce offers myriad tools and built-in integrations. Apart from the integrations and tools offered by Salesforce, organizations might want a few more applications that aren’t native to Salesforce. Companies using Salesforce can even expand their tech capabilities with several, Salesforce compatible, third-party apps.

Then there is AppExchange app development. Integrating Salesforce with another system allows the organization to profit from AppExchange apps even when performing from within the non-Salesforce system.

Things to Consider Before Salesforce Integration

Every software integration is unique in its own way, yet, there are a few basic prerequisites that should definitely be considered before integration. These are as follows:

Type of Integration:

Before integration, one must know that among many of the integrations, which integration is to be used for the project. For instance, we make use of real-time integration when a new record is needed to be created in the Salesforce org. On the other hand, Batch integration is considered at specific time intervals.

Frequency of Data Transfer:

We should not miss out on the frequency of data transfer between Salesforce and the application or system that is to be integrated.

Troubleshooting Issue:

After the integration is completed, it is imperative to determine how to go by troubleshooting in case something does not go according to the plan and elevates the problem with the integration system.

Access to Data:

After the integration of business apps with Salesforce, data from other apps can be accessed very efficiently. This provides businesses with meaningful data and important information, thus, helps in making better business decisions.

Benefits of Salesforce Integration with Business Apps

Get All Your Customer Data in One Place:

Integrating Salesforce CRM with customer service and support apps help streamline the touchpoints of customer communication.
For example: If the marketing team in your company uses HubSpot Marketing Software, the sales team uses Salesforce, and the customer service team in the organization uses Zendesk, you can integrate HubSpot Marketing and Zendesk with Salesforce. This simplifies the processes for all three departments in your organization, improving overall efficiency.

Customer Retention:

Integrating your business application to Salesforce enhances the chances of increases functionality for your customers, and inherently makes them stick around. The more you connect with tools they use daily (like Salesforce), the more essential you become to their day-to-day business which, in response, enhances productivity and efficiency.

Build Relationships and Grow Business Together:

Salesforce AppExchange is a phenomenal platform. One can interact and make connections with partners who have been on AppExchange for a long time to learn best practices and grow business to the next level.

Increase in Online Sales:

With Salesforce integration, companies can increase their online sales revenue and boost the sales process quickly.

Make Returns Quick and Easy:

Mobile batteries manufacturing companies, in particular, can use Salesforce integration services to make it easy for customers to return or replace their product if they find something wrong or they are unsatisfied with the product. Due to this valuable integration between Salesforce, e-commerce solutions, customers are able to easily return an item or get proper service.

Get Creative:

If your business is facing a bottleneck problem that you can’t overcome on your own, integrating your business applications with Salesforce can help get past these challenges.

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