Algoworks is now an AWS Select Partner

Algoworks is now an AWS Select Partner

This piece of blog aims at enriching the readers’ curiosity with the novel concept of multi-tiered consultancy partnerships offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and the associated avenues. In this light, one of the major touchpoints that will prelude our discussion is the recent feat achieved under the belt of Algoworks, which is its collaboration with AWS as its select partner. Now for many of you the term “Select Partner” may come as a surprise element so let’s dig deeper to get a hang of it and the perks that come along with it.

1. AWS Partner Network (APN) & its Affiliates

The concept of select partner has got its relevance from an umbrella term namely AWS Partner Network (APN), which is a well-wielded merger of cloud software as well as service vendors who get accredited by AWS to pool their cloud resources post-meeting certain criteria. Some of the criteria that are sought from prospect partners include parameters such as annual fee levy, direct revenue stemming from AWS, AWS certification as well as customer satisfaction rating among others. Besides enhancing partners’ visibility among the customers, the prime objective that serves the formation of APN is rendering a global community of experts who can unanimously leverage the AWS infrastructure to facilitate customers with smooth migration towards cloud applications and services.

The argument that follows the above discussion is the nature of affiliates that are cascaded down to meet the end-to-end requirements of customers. In relation to this, AWS performs the classification of network partners into two prominent types namely: APN Technology Partners and APN Consulting partners. The former plays a vital role in offering its software tools and services that are to be integrated with AWS while the latter facilitates the implementation and deployment on AWS cloud for the AWS customers. Now, this takes us back to the question we started off with “ What is Select Partner, and does it fall under the ambit of technology partners or consultancy partners?”

In response to the above question, let’s take a look at the four-tiered performance yardstick offered by AWS, which places the partners’ competency alongside four benchmarks namely: Registered, Select, Advanced, and Premier. Hence, Algoworks stands tall with the performance benchmark of Select partner that too given such a short span of time in the industry. This brings us to yet another argument that in what ways will Algoworks and similar organizations discharge their capabilities as a Select partner, in order to blossom as an Advanced as well as Premier partner.

2. How will Algoworks Render its Utility as an AWS Select Consulting Partner?

Post the successful collaboration with AWS as its Select partner, Algoworks can devour several benefits that the former offers to its associated partners. For instance, Partner Opportunity Acceleration (POA) funding is one such feature ascribed to tier 2 partners wherein, the designated partner is liable to fetch the corpus denomination. Hence, Algoworks can make use of the above funding program to ensure cost-optimization during the onboarding of new applications to the AWS platform also enabling reduction of expenditure across services.
In addition to this, the other benefit that can also be availed by the tier two partners include; Access to partner solutions resources. In other words, organizations such as Algoworks can immensely benefit from the aforementioned feature, since it eliminates the purchase of unwanted IT assets and rather replicates it with sharing the architect resources of other partners to streamline the availability of cloud resources.

Needless to say that APN partnerships would come down as a tailwind for AWS clients globally; however, in what ways does the benefit of AWS Service partnership trickle down to the end-users availing AWS services?

3. What Strings of benefits do AWS Select Partners Confer to the end-users?

It is noteworthy that the AWS customers or end-users lie at the base of the relationship pyramid buttressed by AWS and its associated APN at the top and medium of the pyramid respectively. However, this orientation does not limit the engagement of end-users directly with AWS as well as affiliates at any point in their customer journey. Let’s get an understanding of what works in the favor of customers, given such an arrangement of source technology infrastructure and service providers.

  • Since the principal point of contact between customers and partners is the Accountant Managers (AMs) appointed by AWS itself, hence eliminates any prospects of levying hidden charges by the partners.
  • At times, when a faster resolution for technical glitches is sought by customers, then at such occurrences an AWS support plan is available to facilitate direct interaction between the AWS support team and customers limiting the role of partners at the same plan cost. Hence, by enrolling in such plans not all customers can reap the benefits of drawing insights from the first-hand expertise of AWS itself but also enroll for a dedicated AWS partner.

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