Algoworks Becomes Microsoft Gold Partner

Algoworks Becomes Microsoft Gold Partner

Are you vehemently calling the shots when it comes to undertaking the right course of action that would further succor for your organization’s resourcefulness? If still unsure about what measures will reinforce your organization’s key competencies, then this piece of the blog will walk you through one such strategy of forging open-ended partnerships holding the vested interests of every stakeholder intact. Further in this blog, we will be narrowing down our observation to a recent achievement clinched by Algoworks as a highly renowned Microsoft Gold Consulting Partner.

Trade-offs wielded within Microsoft’s Partner Ecosystem

Do you still consider becoming a partner with Microsoft an uphill task? Not anymore; as the case study of Algoworks will restore within you the grit to embolden your next move beyond the purview of standard certification programs offered by such technology stalwarts. In this context, let’s spill some beans on the vast concoction of partners, which along with their intrinsic competencies make up for what we know as Microsoft’s Partner Ecosystem or Partner Network.

Although this ecosystem confers an egalitarian platform for all its partnering companies that may wish to render their expertise to loyal Microsoft customers, however, the roll-out of Microsoft certification programs reflects some degree of differential service offering. Hence, the above trade-off that lies within Microsoft’s partner ecosystem is borne out of the need to give rise to multi-tiered competency-based partnership programs thereby, giving rise to the two most prominent membership types namely Silver and Gold. In the subsequent section, we will try to understand the rationale behind pitching for Gold membership over a Silver one through an illustration of Algowork’s recent ascension to Microsoft’s Gold Consulting Partner.

What Prompted Algowork’s decision to opt for Gold Membership?

First and foremost, Microsoft has always remained steadfast in delivering its certification programs as a set of competencies that would subsequently correspond to the customers’ specific needs. It may also turn you awestruck when it comes to your knowledge that only a minuscule percentage of 5% is what represents the trail of Microsoft’s partner worldwide holding silver competency. Contrary to this, Gold partners represent the top 1% of the entire Microsoft’s partners globally who are reckoned with offering innovative business solutions as well as, deemed with proven expertise and thereby striking a considerable difference between silver and gold memberships. Harking back to the same question we started with; “what prompted Algoworks to portray itself as Gold partner”? Let’s address this question by reflecting on an associated question that goes as “Why end-customer should seek a Gold designation in their prospective partner while choosing Microsoft Certified Partner”?

(a) A Close Proximity with Microsoft

The skill possessed by any Microsoft Gold Partner generally emulates the competency of in-house experts, who demonstrate the customer-centric skills to reach the best possible resolution. In a general sense, Gold Partners seldom seek assistance from the Microsoft direct team that suggests a much shorter response time for the clients’ queries to get processed. In addition to this, the other perk associated with the designation of Gold Partner includes direct outreach to advanced support partners falling under the ambit of Microsoft Business Solution, on the eve of a priority case raised with Microsoft. In a scenario where such cases are not dealt with in pre-defined deadlines, they get further escalated to a dedicated escalation team.

(b) Binding along with Stringent standards

The general perception built around acquiring the status of a Microsoft Gold Partner entails qualifying a skill-based aptitude, however, there lies a stark difference in the way associated partners are adjudged for. In other words, one of the key pre-requisites that is mandated by Microsoft requires the partners to be in constant pursuit of upgrading themselves with the upcoming technologies than merely confined to only certain skills. At the bottom line, it becomes imperative to understand how customers are benefited from prospective Gold partners.

  • Gold Partners may serve as a bridge between the prospective customers and Microsoft while offering the former a clear picture of the value that they can reap through their product-specific needs. In other words, they act as a catalyst in realizing the customer’s journey from proof of concept to implementation. In addition to this, they also allow customers to set their bar high with paramount standards across the business infrastructure.

What Gamut of skills led to Qualification of Algoworks as Gold Partner?

Here we will discuss a few of the key technology-driven competencies that have been mastered and plied across for the development of major product-based solutions by Algoworks.

  • Application Development: The ability to fabricate real-world entities with mobile and web applications through Microsoft frameworks has rendered exceptional achievements associated with Algoworks.
  • Cloud Platform: This ability shows that the Partner has the ability to work on the modern data centers with expertise in systems management, storage, identity management, virtualization, cloud technologies and networking.

About us

We at Algoworks, are in constant pursuit of delivering state-of-the-art technological marvels through our team of highly officious designers and developers. Over the years, we have established ourselves as one of the leading technology consulting firms and bestowed with several accolades under our belt for a vast range of mobile and web application projects. Our shrewdness in the choice of Salesforce products for our clients has earned us a strategic mark in the industry. For queries regarding fabricating your own customized Salesforce product do reach out to us. Contact us.

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Algoworks comes among the top IT service providers worldwide. We adopt a unique product development and agile delivery approach to offer robust and user-friendly software products in the shortest time to market. Our key IT services include Salesforce, Mobility, DevOps, and Enterprise Application Integration. With a great combination of our creative, visionary, and innovative minds, we are recognized as a reliable partner of different sizes and types of companies all around the world, such as Amazon, Dell, Salesforce, and Microsoft. With the expertise of top Salesforce Certified Consultants, we have successfully delivered enormous Salesforce Projects till now.

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