6 Easy Ways You Can Turn Implementing Salesforce CRM Into Success

6 Easy Ways You Can Turn Implementing Salesforce CRM Into Success

Salesforce CRM, if executed properly can deliver phenomenal perks like improved customer satisfaction and high yielding lead generation and slashing operating costs. Good sales team can only perform well if they are provided with good tools. CRM software helps in collaborating lead generation and customer data into one system thereby enforcing easy tracking of Sales team opportunities and closing deals. Of course a Salesforce CRM system gives you insights about your business you never imagined. CRM has a potential to be an organizational game changer but it is very important to remember that every good thing comes with a few challenges. The real essence of Salesforce as CRM system is not in the product or the features it offers, but how it is used. And just like anything of real value, it also takes time.

It is advisable that while choosing and implementing CRM system, one must have a complete planned strategy for its execution which will help enterprises in making their CRM experience less painful and more profitable. You would certainly not want to stumble on the path to CRM success. Therefore, here are certain common Salesforce CRM implementing strategies which as an entrepreneur you must follow to achieve business success.

1: Ready Reckoner Answering Why You Need Salesforce as your CRM –

Implementing any changes in your organization without having clear vision or specific goals can be an open invitation to a big disaster. To make Salesforce as a productive and enhancing business tool, its implementation as CRM system must be done with great precision, speed and thoughtfulness which often comes with experience.

Keep a note of :

  • What you are looking as a desired outcome from your Salesforce CRM?
  • What are your business pain-points and how does the implementation of Salesforce CRM going to comprehend the business strategy?
  • Review thoroughly what has led you to need CRM.
  • Clearly articulate what you want to get out of Salesforce?
  • What processes or procedures you’re hoping to improve.
  • How can Salesforce CRM fit in and help improve your specific business goals?

A true Salesforce CRM solution always allows management to understand the way business processes functions, measuring the KPI’s therefore achieving greater efficiency or business. Make sure that your Salesforce CRM must focus on above points. Without this focus your Salesforce CRM won’t meet the desired results. The better your vision for Salesforce the more likely you’ll have success with it implementation, customizations and user adoption.

2: Salesforce CRM Implementation Roadmap –

Salesforce CRM is a cross functional solution. CRM can potentially benefit almost every function of an organization, therefore enterprises can achieve more from using CRM. Adopting CRM strategy is evolutionary hence even small changes can bring significant benefits to the company. But no two businesses are same, therefore CRM needs are also specific. If you are thinking that implementation of such a project won’t need customization, you are probably thinking wrong.
Salesforce do cover wide array of features for various businesses which are developed with best practices in mind, but such features certainly need tweaks in order to meet your business specific needs. You certainly must be prepared for better integrations and proper customizations. Planning out your processes and prioritizing customizations will help you in removing future headaches of businesses. Salesforce CRM brings out the best from all verticals of an organization, therefore likely to have an impact on every job. Certain amount of contribution is required from every sphere of an organization.

  • Each department must take complete responsibility for their own part of the process and system.
  • Keep everyone involved for CRM adoption as without everyone’s contribution, the system simply will not give the results you set out to achieve.
  • Do review the CRM implementation closely with your preferred supplier.
  • Take your own good time to understand costs and what will be delivered.
  • Keep the implementation process small and simple.

3: Importance of Crucial Integrations, Legacy System and Data –

Don’t forget your legacy systems. In order to optimize the Salesforce CRM implementation, it is crucial to integrate this system with other systems. Like if you integrate Salesforce CRM with your email and ERP systems, it helps in increasing your revenue significantly. Take up challenge of integrating different systems. Be prepared of how you would want your CRM to communicate with other systems. Get all information about your legacy systems. What all are they managing? Will the information be more usable in CRM? Take good time to review your systems and how would you want them to operate.
Data is also the lifeblood of any organization. Think of ways how you will be managing your data during integration and migration. Is the company data up to date? So you need full data review? Take into consideration the data and the processes in combined way. Ensure that data is in well-structured format so that it can be employed in the best way.

4: Choosing Best Salesforce Apps From AppExchange –

Choosing the best Salesforce app is another crucial point which entrepreneurs must not forget. Salesforce AppExchange is the world’s leading marketplace for business applications and consulting services. Tap on AppExchange repository of Salesforce applications and add-ons. AppExchange offers such Salesforce Applications which empowers Salesforce customers and partners to expand the capabilities of Salesforce to every department and within every industry domain. AppExchange comprises of over 1,700 applications which includes applications on various domains and specific industry wise like CTI Integration, ERP, Project Management, Market Automation, Sales Methodology, Dashboards and Reports, Business Intelligence and many are free. These apps enhance Salesforce to your heart’s desire. Organizations can pick and choose the best features or applications to help them meet their missions.

5: Keep End Users In Your Priority –

To completely unleash the potential of Salesforce CRM system it is important to get your end users involved. You must explain to your end users how this new platform going to benefit them. Also keep into consideration, who at your organization is going to undertake the responsibility of Salesforce designing and implementing? Or will you be outsourcing Salesforce Technology Partner to customize your CRM system specifically for your business needs. Does the implementing team understand sales ethos and technical details? Consider how Salesforce CRM implementation will actually influence the team using it?
Your Salesforce CRM Technology Partner must be someone who have technical knowledge therefore, who understands your business when setting up CRM systems. Both must understand where the end users stand before and start of launch. Technology Partner will assist you will regular CRM checkup and ensures that CRM must be helping your team and what measures can be taken into consideration to improve CRM.

6: Your Salesforce CRM Is Here – Do Thorough Review –

So, finally you are well-equipped with best managed CRM, the Salesforce. Data is stored and it is successfully working now. Reporting is now easy. Sharing of data is working well now. Just be ready for the beginning of CRM journey. Set up a user group. Meet with them every quarter. Discuss with them ideas, problems and get the feedback. Keep your team abreast with the product you have chosen for your company. Your organization will grow and develop and so does your CRM. Employing Salesforce CRM experts aligned with your unending business specific needs will keep your enterprise in safe hands.

Making the Best:

One of the best investments which you can make in your Salesforce CRM success is to have a clear plan. You must have a Salesforce CRM plan which will help you in communicating with everyone, do the things in right order and identify the key resources and know when you are done. This is essential for any company that wants to get highest return on investment as soon as possible. The key is to show managers the value Salesforce CRM can bring to them.

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