Do it better with Cloud Infra Manager

Cloud Infra Manager from Algoworks is an infrastructure platform that allows your product team to access reliable, scalable and secure infrastructure on demand, in a single click.

Eliminates the dependency on operations team.

Eliminates the need for unnecessary tooling and documentation.

Self – managed; extends to all teams in the organization Such as practitioners, teams, and organizations to use Terraform in production.

Activate in one-click.

Business and Technical Consulting

Learn how Cloud Infra Manager can suit to your business needs

ECM Consulting Services
Easy to use portal

Spin up a new infrastructure from the available modules/templates at the click of a button.

Adopt & Automate

By integrating with your CI/CD pipeline, and send notifications to other systems with each apply.

Monitor, collaborate & Utilize

Access to a Dashboard to monitor failures & server utilization.

Regular reporting at convenience

Generate weekly and monthly reports.

Cloud Infra Manager in action

Understand what it can enable for your infrastructure

Eliminate dependency on Operations team

WThe product team can work independent of the DevOps or Operations team to provision infrastructure from predefined modules.

Cost Optimization

Reduce development costs by creating on-demand development & deployment
environments. In addition, you can evaluate such environments before making system changes.

Reduce risk + Secure Infrastructure

Reduce risk with a single workflow to secure, govern, and audit regardless who provisions.

Failure alerts

Get instant failure alerts through email and Slack channels with the integrated logging & monitoring system.

Server utilization

Get threshold warnings on server utilization and system health.

Multi-cloud Infrastructure Deployment

Seamlessly integrates and works with services provided by multiple different clouds.

Reduced time to provision

Full deployment will be only a matter of a few minutes, instead of days or weeks through conventional methods.

How to get started

With cloud infra manager, envision perfection

  • How to get started with cloud infra manager  step 1- Create Infrastructure
  • How to get started with cloud infra manager step 2- Generate Account bill
  • How to get started with cloud infra manager step 3- Seeting Alerts

Get started with Cloud Infra Manager today!

Spin up a new infrastructure in no time & Optimize costs by creating on-demand infrastructure to suit to your business needs.