Why MEAN Stack To Build Enterprise Apps?

Why MEAN Stack To Build Enterprise Apps?

Today many enterprise leaders are struggling to make more sense of many available options within a modern web. With modern web development, you may encounter some common problems for which you can find innumerable powerful community solutions. But the trick is weaving these open source projects collectively in order to form a stack solution which could allow enterprises to focus on solving business problems.

MEAN.JS which is an acronym for MongoDB, Express, AngularJS and Node.js is an integrated solution-built based on the community’s experience building full-stack JavaScript applications. Every growing enterprise is striving to become a MEAN stack app development friendly app as it helps in building fast, robust and maintainable production web applications.

MEAN.JS is a matured programming language and which is why it can handle enterprise demands and support automated testing which improves applications’ quality and agility.

Being Bornstar

Enterprise applications are built on a multi-tier architecture, which comprises of three important layers: data, logic, and presentation. The modern web application development structure comprises of the database, server logic, client logic, and client UI, which is popularly known as the MVC architectural pattern.

In last many years of web application development, there are many technology stacks which became popular. Among these, some popular stacks are LAMP, the .Net stack and a rich variety of other frameworks and tools. The problem with these frameworks is that each tier demands a knowledge base which usually exceeds the abilities of a single developer. You can, of course, connect these tools together in order to lay a foundation for scaling and architecture issues, which can dramatically affect your development process. Here comes the role of MEAN Stack development.

Why MEAN stack App Development matters to Enterprises?

1) Time Saver

JavaScript libraries are combined well together which saves a lot of time of your  javascript developers and programmers. The time saved here will allow you to focus on building many valuable enterprise applications for your organization.

2) Community Experience

Using JavaScript libraries, the community has been developing many complex web applications. With an easily digestible template, MEAN.JS offers you best practices for organizing your application. Team of your developers can avoid the common pitfalls which community has endured while applying these technologies.

3) MEAN stack development facilitates speedy data storage and retrieval

MongoDB uses JSON like documents throughout which makes it a document database and not a relational database, as it uses JSON like documents throughout. As MySQL database requires predefined database schemas and rules to establish field relations where MongoDB does not require any such predefined regulation. MongoDB uses dynamic schemas which state that any change like addition or deletion of records can be done quite easily without making any complex accommodations for information exchange and maintenance. Hence, when no large schemas are present, the system becomes efficient and more speedy regular functions are performed.

4) Uniform Programming Language

You can run an efficient development team with the knowledge of JavaScript. You already have JSON like queries on MongoDB database and you can also use JSON with Express and Node.js server and thus have a similar format for all data transfer. Additionally, same JSON queries can be used on the client side using AngularJS. Therefore, there is no requirement of too many programming languages such as PYTHON or PHP. The experts in JavaScript can go through the entire stack themselves, therefore, controlling both the front end and back end activities. Furthermore, the node.js framework reduces the page load time almost to a negligible amount. This is quintessential for web based applications.

5) OS Compatibility

MEAN stack is irresistibly amazing. It is compatible with every operating system running Node.js. This list of OS includes – MS Windows, MAC OS and of course popular Linux.

6) Utilize Proven Technologies

The technologies which MEAN.JS comprises of are well established and are ready to handle the challenges which your business faces. Many large corporations like Yahoo, Ebay, PayPal, LinkedIn and much more are using unparalleled features of NodeJS and experiencing great success.

7) Agility and Quality of Apps

The architecture of application using MEAN technologies is set up to support automated testing. Developers can instantly know that a feature broke several test cases and therefore can make corrections immediately. MEAN stack, therefore, offers agile and quality app development.

8) MEAN stack supports the MVC architecture

To administer MVC framework complex procedures there are many stack frameworks on innumerable different programming languages. This makes the work very tedious and therefore the development team becomes less productive. However, MEAN stack here comes as a rescue. With single programming language and flexible database MEAN stack has emerged as a powerful alternative which compiles with MVC architecture very easily.

Good News For Enterprises

Almost all the advantages of MEAN stack development discussed above can empower your business thereby providing uniformity and OS compatibility. Unlike LAMP with MEAN, businesses can also opt for a specialist developer who has proficiency in JavaScript. Every technology for MEAN is an open source and thus free, but ensure you join hands with reliable and efficient technology partner before stepping ahead with your enterprise application development. So future upgrades and development are benefited by this. MEAN stack can help you in accelerating workflow and therefore can enhance customer satisfaction and business growth. Even the technologies in MEAN are well established and are ready to handle the challenges every business face.

Thus, when enterprises have a happy and more productive development team, there is an enhancement in customer satisfaction and business growth. Further, MEAN stack can help you accelerate workflow in a more compact module.

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