Salesforce – Align, Motivate and Improve Performance

Salesforce – Align, Motivate and Improve Performance

Prior to start discussing about Salesforce in details, it is important for us to be aware of the term SPM and CPM i.e Sales Performance Management and Corporate Performance Management respectively. SPM is the umbrella term that indicates the practice of monitoring and guiding the employees to improve their ability to sell products and services. There are various softwares available for this purpose and they streamline various processes in CPM.
To be precise CPM includes the processes in monitoring and managing organization’s performance according to the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as the return on investment (ROI), revenue, operation costs,etc.
Strategies are one of the core focus area in the growth of organizations. And CPM ensures the right implementation of the strategies. By aligning organizational goals, team goals and personal goals around strategic priorities and can focus on the key drivers of the business.
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Salesforce thus introduced as an efective solution to this issue. a social performance management platform that helps companies to align, motivate and drive performance.

How helps to achieve goals at the enterprise level?

The way we work has changed drastically over the years but the technologies used to manage this work by most of the companies is painfully outdated. empowers a team to work in a far more organized way by providing the appropriate tools they need to stay aligned and motivated. helps the enterprise to achieve their ultimate goal by providing immense assistance and convinience in the following ways:

  • Alignment of goals
  • Motivation
  • Performance

How we align our team goals:

In today’s world geographical proximity doesn’t create a hindrance in carrying out work. The workplace has been fragmented over the years, people have started working remotely at different branches over different places across the globe. So it’s very important for an organization to align their team members and their goals and improve the sales coaching to achieve it.
With, teams can control in real-time, drive alignment with social goals, and solicit and receive ongoing feedback and coaching.
It helps to…

  • Motivate sales reps and drive more sales:
    It helps in easy recognition of people and showcases the top performers. It also helps in redemption of gifts according to their sales thereby keeping the urge alive in team members to perform the best.
  • Sales driven Coaching: also gives the provision by which you can coach your team directly. It also allows your team members to learn from top performers by creating coaching spaces. Proper coaching allow more reps to achieve their quota thereby enhancing self as well as team goals.


Getting started with coaching:

  • Create and view Coaching spaces:

    • By clicking on the Coaching tab you can already see the coaching spaces that has been created previously along with the name of the coach and person coached.
    • You can click on New to add new coaching spaces in addition to the existing ones.
  • Display and Edit Coaching Details:

    • You can click on the coaching spaces and see the details regarding it. By clicking on Show feed you are entitled to view all the latest feeds relating to it. You can also view the various notes and attachments provided to you by the coach and check the inactive box when it is no longer useful.

Along with these they also have other features like tracking the tasks and events for coaching. Coaching metrics track data as a part of coaching conversation. It also gives you the provision of sharing the coaching spaces to include more participants so that more and more reps could be coached properly to achieve their goals.


Another vital aspect while working in corporate in recognition. Most of the people working in corporate agrees to the fact that they lack recognition for their work which leads to demotivation. People agree to the fact that if they get the recognition they deserve for their work they will be much more motivated towards their work hence towards team and subsequently towards organization’s goal. Recognition makes it much more simpler to publicly recognize and reward great work and winning behaviors in real time. With users can create meaningful badges, one can acknowledge the same with thanks and rewards are granted accordingly.

  • Thanks icon comprises of the three thing:
    • 1. a giver
    • 2. a recipient
    • 3. a custom message recognizing the reason
    • 4. and of course a corresponding badge.
  • Rewards icon is basically an extension of badges and thanks. The specific badges are associated with different gifts. The gifts can be redeemed from the gift codes attached.

Enabling recognition:

  • 1. Goto Setup, click Customize > > Settings.
  • 2. Then select the feature you want to enable or deselect the feature you don’t want.

However all the features apart from Thanks and skills setting requires a license.


Performance is a criteria which is very crucial and important in an organization. It is one of the most hated but anticipated processes which leads to a lot of dissatisfaction at work. And dissatisfaction ultimately leads to diversion from team as well as organizational goals. enables a highly effficient review process. It does a painless, productive review that improve performance by capturing all the achievements, recognition, rewards and feedback a person receives and calibrate performance across teams. This helps in an unbiased performance evaluation which keeps the employees motivated and helps to achieve their targets. pulls all the relevant data like your recognition, coaching tasks, thanks, rewards, feedback,etc and prepares the performance summary.

Creating Performance Summary Cycle:

Users with the perform administrator permission gets access to the Deployment section on the Performance tab. By clicking on Deployment user can create, deploy, finish, and manage any performance summary cycle.

Creating a new cycle

  • Go to the Deployment page, select the Create New Cycle button.
  • Activity Start Date and Activity End Date defines the period of time in which people are summarized within.
  • Only feedback and activity from this particular period, such as thanks badges and goals, can be included in “Recent Work.”

On an ending note…

Salesforce helps your team performance to reach the peak. With individuals are more aware of their targets and are more aligned towards their organization’s goal. It is said that the reason behind a successful organization is satisfied employees and helps to keep the employees satisfied. It helps in recognition of the deserving employees. Employee motivation increases with real time recognition and real time awards. Critical process like reviewing becomes lucid and it proves to be a great help to the managers.
Thus all in all Salesforce proves to leading sales performance management system which align your people, motivate your team and drive the performance.

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