Are You Aware of the Latest Salesforce Marketing Cloud Product Name Changes?

Are You Aware of the Latest Salesforce Marketing Cloud Product Name Changes?

The big news is here, Salesforce has recently changed some of its products’ names – and that has created disarray among the technology people. One of the most crucial and unimaginably indispensable products is – Salesforce Marketing Cloud. It is a technology that has been the go-to product for numerous businesses, and therefore, is often hailed as the market leader. Over the past years, it has amplified and become a comprehensive version of itself. It is one acquisition after another that has resulted in the formation of customer expectations from this feature in Salesforce.

List of Salesforce Marketing Cloud Product Name Changes

Before any further ado, let us get going with the name change in Salesforce. The following are the name changes of the Salesforce marketing cloud products that happened recently:

Salesforce marketing cloud

1. Messaging/Journeys: Marketing Cloud Engagement

2. Interaction Studio: Marketing Cloud Personalization

3. Datorama: Marketing Cloud Intelligence

4. Salesforce CDP: Marketing Cloud Customer Data Platform

5. Advertising Studio: Marketing Cloud Advertising

6. Pardot: Marketing Cloud Account Engagement

7. Social: Studio has been withdrawn

Now, Salesforce product has undergone a major change in the names, and to summarize it all:

  • Everything related to communications falls under the Engagement umbrella
  • CDP is no more used as an acronym, but rather spelled out
  • There is no more ‘Studio’ in the Advertising Studio
  • And, it is time to bid goodbye to the Salesforce features, Datorama and Interaction Studio

What do you need to know about this change?

For a business owner, meeting all your customer’s diverse needs, and understanding Salesforce CRM properly – is quite a tedious task. Post this Salesforce marketing cloud login, as a business holder, you will be able to integrate technology with data and teams for having a more seamless connection with your customers. This whole process is alleviated by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and makes personalization way easier.

So, what’s new in this Salesforce Marketing Automation?

Salesforce Marketing Automation

1. Customer Data Platform: Through this Salesforce Sales Cloud feature, you will be able to develop a Single Source of Truth or SSOT, thereby promoting a healthier engagement with customers. This feature was previously termed Salesforce CDP.

2. Personalization: While many people have already guessed that this feature was previously regarded as the interaction Studio helps deliver hyper-relevant instances with real-time recommendations, features, and offers – all of which are curated considering the customer’s requirements.

3. Engagement: This new feature is all about emails, promotions, journey products, and mobile – in the simplest term all of which unifies the brand with the customer on their specific channel through the help of UI.

4. Account Engagement: This was previously known as Pardot, and performs the work of aligning the marketing and sales department with the potential buyers, and accounts for the effortless closure of deals.

5. Intelligence: This is one of the Salesforce services that unite analytics and leverages AI that constantly regulates activities that push client value and development.

Reasons behind the changes occurred in Salesforce Marketing Cloud Products

There are three factors to throw light on when it comes to knowing the reason behind the name of the product change in Salesforce clouds.

Salesforce marketing Cloud product

1. It’s Easier: Now, aligning the language marketers with the new change will be pretty seamless. Therefore, the capacities and importance are easier to understand.

2. Integrated: The main aim behind the changes of the names will be to blend the strategy to continuously integrate the whole function into a single platform comprising a data-first strategy around the customers.

3. Adaptable: Salesforce offers extremely flexible activities that help advance future platforms as well.

When will the changes start occurring?

The website is the first one to encounter these changes, and that will be followed by the sales and marketing departments. The updates will then move towards the Help and Training, Help, Customer Success, and external departments.

The users need to understand that there will be no instant alterations to the Salesforce login, URLs, and additional infrastructures.

There will be more to experience in the Salesforce sphere. The focus will always be on developing a great customer experience through advanced implementations. All these name changes are made to make the process easier, alignment of the strategies of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, flexible, and much more. To help you understand how to implement the above ideally in your business, the Algoworks team came into the picture. Stay tuned for more updates!.

About Us: Algoworks is a B2B IT firm providing end-to-end product development services. Operating chiefly from its California office, Algoworks is reputed for its partnership with Fortune 500 companies such as Amazon, Dell, Salesforce, and Microsoft. The company’s key Salesforce Services include: Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Salesforce Experience Cloud, AppExchange Apps, Salesforce Consulting Services etc. For more information, contact us here.

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