‘The Killers’, And What’s Not Killing At Salesforce Connections ’18!

‘The Killers’, And What’s Not Killing At Salesforce Connections ’18!

Salesforce Connections 2018 is just around the corner and we are as excited as you guys are! “The Killers” are coming to rock the event yet again and we can sense the build-up to the event is fairly strong. Today let’s check out all that is not boring and worth going for in Salesforce Connections ’18.

Previously known as Xchange, Connections ’18 is being hosted in the windy city of Chicago this June 12-14. Apart from insights directly from the top-notch industry experts, feast on the experience of the innumerable innovative experts from the various breakout sessions you can hope to attend. This is the big event for Trailblazers driving innovation in commerce, digital marketing, and service across all industries.

Why Should You Go For Connections?

Salesforce Connections ‘18 is for any business or entrepreneur who is seeking to connect with and build robust relationships with their consumers no matter what industry, business size or role you fit in. You will get a chance to meet thousands of industry experts and collaborate with each other and learn the tips and tricks to drive innovation and growth from Salesforce Experts.

Or you should go for Connections to see if “The Killers” is killing it or not!

Connection ‘18 Has Something For Each One of You…

  • The marketing experts cannot afford to miss it as customer expectations are soaring high and all the businesses have to start to learn to put their customers at the center of every interaction. Powerful data management, cross-channel engagement, and hyper-personalization all have become an integral part of marketing catering to create incredible customer experiences. Connections will give you the opportunity to hear from the top notch marketers on how marketing will evolve in the coming 5 years and what you should do to gear up for success. Learn about the cross-channel insights with Google Analytics 360 plus Salesforce. It will help you to gain knowledge how to connect marketing and sales data across Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud and Google Analytics 360. It will allow marketers like you to understand how integrations like this will help you to visualize analytics across myriad channels and activate audiences across innumerable platforms. Simultaneously it will help you to meticulously measure the efficiency of your marketing strategies.
  • As far as Commerce is concerned you can gain practical insights which you can apply and get ahead of your close competitors. E-commerce executives and business users will learn from renowned commerce thought leaders on topics like mobile, personalization, developer innovations, and the future of commerce. Connections 18 will give you the opportunity to learn how Salesforce for Service has given power to the customer brands to make use of intelligence to convert every customer connection into an everlasting and robust relationship. Impactful sessions focused on Digital Customer Engagement, Artificial Intelligence, Customer Service, and Self Service will help you enlighten yourself. You will grasp the fresh ideas how the world’s leading companies are using the service platform to transform their business services by making connections with the customers in whole new ways.
  • Coming to the Retail industry the fastest path to success these days is AI. Hear from the industry Trailblazers at Connections how to deliver personalized, faster and connected experiences to shoppers triggered by AI. You will also learn how financial services users are taking advantage of the bleeding edge technologies to unleash the potential of their financial institution to build differentiated experiences that earn loyalty and deepen the relationships.
  • The Consumer Goods industry will not and should not miss this year’s supersession on ‘Consumer Goods: Meeting B2B2C Demand for Personalized, Seamless Experiences.’ Connections 18 will give you the golden opportunity to understand how the top brands are creating meaningful relationships by using data to furnish insights that shall build improved seamless experiences. At the same time learn to leverage a single unified customer data repository to provide insights across enterprise business functions. To accelerate growth, brands are evolving B2B commerce strategies, so experience hands-on explanation of the merchandising strategies and the evolved B2B commerce approach.
  • How can the Manufacturing industry not be a part of such a huge event? Earlier you just needed to put your products out but in this world of cut-throat competition and cutting-edge technologies it is becoming more and more difficult in terms of product differentiation and thus you must undergo customer-centric transformations. You need to analyze consumer data and comprehend how end-consumers are using your product and this insight will help you tailor your offerings to meet consumer needs. So grasp crisp knowledge from the industry leaders on how to harness the power of B2C marketing & commerce and learn how to quickly launch your own digital commerce solution and structure to evolve with the changing market dynamics and customer needs.

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What to expect in Chicago at Connections?

Across all industry, verticals expect keynotes, product keynotes, products, and industry super sessions, breakouts, theaters, roundtable discussions focused on problem-solving and networking and HOTs (hands-on training) and a lot more. There will be a series of interesting sessions where you will hear from leaders from Global Ad Agencies, Salesforce, Global SIs, etc on latest topics right from the Trust Revolution to How AI will be Impacting the Future of Marketing.

Get some extra knowledge about Salesforce HERE, because the more that you read, the more things you will know. 😉

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Pratyush Kumar‘The Killers’, And What’s Not Killing At Salesforce Connections ’18!