How to Hire a dedicated team of developers? Everything you need to know!

How to Hire a dedicated team of developers? Everything you need to know!

Over the last two years, companies all across the globe realized that in-house teams were no longer the ideal way to run a business after the COVID-19 epidemic. Entrepreneurs are now adopting the outsourcing strategy to keep their business operations running smoothly. What should you do, though, if you want technical assistance to resolve a variety of issues? Hiring a specialized development team is the answer to this question.

Businesses may employ specialists without performing dozens of new interviews by seeking the help of software development agencies.

However, choosing specialized teams isn’t only about a quick and easy onboarding process. In this post, we’ll go through the various benefits of employing a professional software development team to meet your specific requirements.

What is a Dedicated Development Team?

It’s a partnership between a company and a development team that’s been outsourced. This group of offshore professionals, being put together for your specific business objectives, works in a similar way to your in-house teams and, in fact, becomes an integral part of your company throughout the development period.

Finding a trusted committed development team to accomplish your company vision within a limited deadline and budget is difficult. Dedicated development teams are typically hired by medium corporations and organizations to build new products or perform technological tasks in which they have less expertise on.
A typical software development team would look like:
Software development team structure chart

key Team Roles

  • Project Manager (PM)

This is in charge of project planning and execution, as well as managing all procedures, allocating work among team members, and interacting with clients.

  • Business Analysts

A business analyst’s major responsibility is to guarantee that a product meets the company’s goals and technical standards. Setting objectives, assessing and documenting essential processes, and ensuring that everything is directed at attaining company goals are all responsibilities of business analysts.

  • UI/UX designers

The primary purpose of UI/UX designers is to discover user problems and attempt to address them through design solutions. This position’s responsibilities include developing an appealing style, user-friendly interface, and economical custom design. They are in control of the product’s appearance as well as how people interact with it.

  • Software Developers

By developing code, software engineers perform the real hard work. Front-end engineers work on the parts of the product that customers see, whereas back-end engineers work on the parts that consumers don’t see.

  • Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance Engineers (QA) test the product and ensure that it complies with the specifications.

What Are the Most Significant Advantages of Hiring Dedicated Development Teams?


  • Cost-efficient

Deloitte research says, 59 % of organizations think outsourcing is a good way to cut down expenses and save money. Indeed, having a specialized development team may save a firm more than half of its IT expenses in the United States of America.

  • Expertise Access

Entrepreneurs may be guaranteed that when they pick a dedicated development team model, they will be able to identify a highly effective talented professional for their projects without any boundaries.

  • Great Flexibility

You may dynamically adapt and change the team structure accordingly, to meet current business objectives.

  • Fast Scaling

Outsourcing is also a good alternative if you are planning to expand quickly. Hire a specialized staff with as many skills and capabilities as you require right away to reach your goal and accomplish your company’s vision!

What are the steps to build a dedicated development team?

What are the steps to build a dedicated development team?

  • Specifying the prerequisites

A vendor will be able to discover specialized software engineers that are a good fit both technically and culturally based on your requirements document and basic information about your firm.

  • Interviews with experts

Typically, teams are established from scratch to meet specific needs. You could get lucky and find software professionals that worked on an identical project together, but this isn’t the case most of the time. If you already have a reliable software development partner, you can delegate the project to them to employ a new development team. You may always conduct interviews with prospects if you wish to be more active in the recruiting process. During the employment process, you will be interviewed several times. After technical and HR interviews, the vendor approves all candidates to ensure they have the necessary skills and willingness to embark on the project. You will only receive a list of applicants who potentially fit after the vendor has verified them.

The recruiting process is also a great time to double-check that you’ve paired with the ideal outsourcing firm. You may assess how well they meet your goals and criteria, as well as the kind of internal communication they employ and the business culture they have in general. These facts will assist you in making better-educated decisions and assessing the prospects of future relationships. Pay no money until you’ve hired software professionals, and insist on signing non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) before the interviews.

  • Creating a team

If the interviews went well, you’ll already have a team of people that can do the task. The launch will be swift and simple, enabling you to concentrate on your other priorities.

  • Managing a team and receiving updates

You may have your own management structure: some people like regular updates with much more control, while others choose to delegate more authority to Project Managers and software engineers. To keep on track with your company’s goals, you might want as many updates as you need.

  • Contract renewal and release

After the professionals have completed their work, you may make some inferences about how well this approach performed for your company. Therefore, with the next contract, you will give remote professionals greater responsibility, expand the scope of your projects, and earn more money as a consequence.

Few things you should know before hiring a specialized development team

Few things you should know before hiring a specialized development team

  • Understanding the processes of software development

In the software development process, you must be well aware of all the minor aspects. To avoid high-level disagreements or misunderstandings, thoroughly comprehend the vendor’s and your own duties.

  • Find out what your professionals can do for you

Find out about your remote specialists’ talents via interviews and actual project work. They are like your in-house team, may indeed be valuable in other projects, and recognizing your team members’ hidden abilities might save you time in the future!

  • Always sign a non-disclosure agreement

In the 2021 era, intellectual property and private information must be protected. One of the hazards of working with an outsourcing firm, in general, is the element of trust and security. Review the intellectual property rules and NDA before beginning any development activities to ensure that this will not be an issue. Remember that you have the option of signing a personal NDA with each software developer, at the time when you employ them.

  • Get a contract that is precise and open

The following descriptions must be included in the contract you sign:

1. The rates of development, with comprehensive breakdowns based on expertise
2. Discounts may be available
3. Protocols for payment and invoicing
4. Credit terms and limitations
5. Conditions and duration of the warranty


A Dedicated Development Team model is a wonderful solution for producing your software product, regardless of whether you currently have a team of software engineers or don’t have any at all. If you’re on a budget and aren’t sure about the technical requirements needed but still want to embark on a long-term project, this model is worth a go! When you work with a reputable outsourcing company, you’ll have a partner that shares your objectives and vision and can help you steer your organization on the right path to accomplish your goals.

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