Top Reasons for Enterprises to Build Cross-Platform Web Apps with .Net Core

Top Reasons for Enterprises to Build Cross-Platform Web Apps with .Net Core

Not too long ago, the alternatives available to businesses for fully customized enterprise applications with novel features were extremely limited. Thus, these businesses had to spend a huge sum of money to get the desired results. The applications that serve the purposes of the businesses can have an unusually large number of components, cater to a sizeable number of user types and require bigger development teams and make use of complex logic, parallel processing, distributed resources, all the while working on substantial chunks of data. Thus, it’s no surprise that the development of applications of this scale is a complicated process with extremely specific requirements.

Fortunately, for enterprise applications, ASP.NET proves to be one of the most reliable frameworks. It comprises of a deadly combination of development models that has all the services necessary to develop a strong enterprise web application.

ASP.NET Core is a framework that is open-source, has support for cross-platform, and also includes CLI. It supports Windows, Linux, and Mac and includes IoT, Cloud, and Mobile based solutions with an extremely handy cloud-based environment.

To illustrate the point, below are some of the advantages of using .NET Core for enterprise web app development


One of the most important metrics for an enterprise application is performance, and .NET Core caters to that perfectly, thanks to its code getting optimized automatically whenever any new enhancements and updates are released. No work is needed to change the code; the compiler will automatically optimize the code once it is recompiled. Here’s a graph that compares the alternatives in terms of requests being handled per second.

developing web apps with dotnet core

TechEmpower, which conducts a lot of benchmarks, conducted a study not too long ago which showed that the performance of ASP.NET Core was 859 times faster than the past performance records.

Easy Updates

With respect to the .NET framework, it becomes tricky for the update of new changes. A new framework version needs to be released whenever new updates or changes arrive. For .NET Core development services, each update is managed by the NuGet package. Thus you can expect the most recent changes by updating packages with every new release of the NuGet package version.

Command Line Application

The inclusion of the Command-Line Application, which is compatible with all the major platforms (including Windows, Mac, and Linux) makes it possible to develop and host different applications.

Effortless Maintenance

.NET is well-known for using lesser code compared to other frameworks. Thus, it becomes possible for the developers to use fewer statements and ultimately optimize the coding structure. This directly translates to reduced maintenance cost which is known to take a noticeable chunk of the project’s budget.


developing web apps with dotnet core

Thanks to .NET being cross-platform, applications can be effortlessly developed that run with absolutely no problems on Windows, Linux, and Mac with the aid of the ASP.NET Core web application development. Needless to say, it assists the business to get more out of their platform. The same C# Code is being used for the backend and the modern .NET standard libraries make it possible to create the enterprise application with maximum efficiency.

Multi-architecture support

Whether the architecture is x86, x64 or ARM, it’s no problem for .NET Core as it can run code on these with the same behavior, thanks to adaptable deployment and the ability to be incorporated in the application itself or side-by-side (system or user-wide installations), and with Docker containers.

developing web apps with dotnet core

Support for Cloud-Based Development

Scalability and Security, which are the other most important features of an enterprise application, are guaranteed by using Cloud services, and for cloud deployments, ASP.NET Core is best suited as the framework has been designed to take full advantage of accessing the Cloud.

developing web apps with dotnet core


The scale and complexity of enterprise applications make it necessary for businesses to think carefully about which process to follow, which technology to use etc. .NET being open source and being constantly improved for the last 18 years leads the way in terms of features offered to the development team to ensure that the business requirements are translated into the perfect product, all the while saving cost and maintaining efficiency. Algoworks actively encourages its clients who are looking to build their enterprise application to go with .NET Core after ensuring their business requirements align with the features offered by .NET Core.

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