5 Ways To Choose The Right Talent For Your DevOps Team!

5 Ways To Choose The Right Talent For Your DevOps Team!

How would you feel if you could take the burden of hiring the right DevOps talent off your shoulders? This is exactly what this article will aim at! It is a well-known fact that DevOps has helped organizations discover more effective and efficient ways to work in a balanced manner. Clearly, this has led to the need of seeking unique characteristics in DevOps experts. The hunt for DevOps champions is on, and it is tight. Companies offering DevOps services have already taken their flight and are taking skilled professionals under the wings. But, how to choose your flock?

Here Are Some Tips To Swear By When Seeking The Right DevOps Talent

1. Strike-through Key Behaviors

A renowned DevOps platform, Chef describes DevOps as a professional and cultural movement that focuses on building and operating fast-paced organizations. “DevOps will look different inside every organization and the traits and skills needed to thrive on a DevOps team will differ. However, there are a few common themes and patterns that we see in successful IT professionals who excel at DevOps.”, says Nathen Harvey, vice president of community development (Chef). To identify the right talent, Chef goes by a checklist of some crucial behavioral traits. The checklist includes gathering metrics, building features frequently, handling risks, selecting tools that suit the job, solving theoretical reasoning with execution, continuously integrating and delivering, focusing on availability, using scalable systems design, agreeing on imperative decisions, and more.

2. Find Responsible People

It is imperative to look for people who take responsibility and are willing to improve themselves along the way. For continuous improvement, a prosperous DevOps team needs to incorporate personal empowerment and accountability as well. Nathen Harvey adds, “Look for attributes of uniqueness, people who are willing to think outside the box of how to collaborate more effectively to solve a problem.”

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3. Know If They Make Decisions Based on Data

The two fuels that are responsible for driving DevOps are metrics and feedback. Hiring a talent who understands that it’s necessary to gather metrics and make decisions on the basis of data and not on emotional arguments is what one should seek for. Teams that are data-driven depend on performance metrics in order to make decisions about which project to approach. The chosen talent needs to cope up with an environment where the measurements can be tweaked in accordance with the observed outcomes.

4. Know Where To Spot DevOps Talent

DevOps professionals are often seen joining various forums and communities to share their ideas and increase their network. LinkedIn, a professional social media platform is one of the places where DevOps consultants and engineers can be spotted. There are various DevOps events and conferences that such platforms list which makes it easy for recruiters to hire right DevOps talent.

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5. Remove Organizational Walls

Focus on breaking down the barriers and have an open communication with talent recruiters. It is wise to work closely with such recruiters as they can prove to be of great help in terms of hiring the right DevOps talent. Recruiters save an organization’s valuable time by sourcing candidates and deliver in the exact way that a company would expect. The only thing to keep in mind is to communicate the requirements properly and be on the same page regarding the process and required skills. Also, keep a tab whether the internal teams are ready to support and help with the process throughout.

A strong DevOps team is the need of the hour. As the competition is skyrocketing in the DevOps domain, it is not at all easy to select the perfect candidate. Only a few organizations end up acquiring a DevOps professional who is an all-rounder and capable of doing justice to his role in the company. Going by the above-mentioned practices, we aim at helping organizations select the best DevOps professionals for their DevOps team.

Did these tips come in handy while recruiting talents? Let us know in the comments!

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