Algoworks Makes Headway by Winning its First Business Leadership Awards

Algoworks Makes Headway by Winning its First Business Leadership Awards

Instituted by age-old business leaders to honor the new-age business leaders, the Feather Touch Award can certainly be regarded as the epitome of recognizing the rawest pioneers, industry leaders, and organizations in the business sphere. This award is accredited to only those who have rightfully marked their presence by exhibiting some prodigious advancement in their organization. And, who could be a better winner than Algoworks?

Algoworks added a feather to its cap by winning The Business Leadership Awards powered by Feather Touch.

Announcing Algoworks’ First Business Leadership Awards Win

On 29th September, the annual Feather Touch – Business Leadership Awards was organized at the Courtyard by Marriot, Mumbai. It is there that the magical moment took place when Algoworks was awarded The Business Leadership Awards for the first time. The Business Leadership Awards is designed precisely to acknowledge the enormous perseverance, innovation, meticulous involvement, and backbreaking work that organizations across the world engage in.

Algoworks as a company has outshone its competitors not only in terms of unveiling some of the ultra-modern developments but also because of the integrity and faultless communication among their employees.

Exploring The Business Leadership Awards Powered by Feather Touch

If the award needs to be described in the simplest of terms, it can be stated that The Business Leadership Awards is a way of congratulating organizations and individuals for their uncompromising endeavors. To throw some light on Feather Touch, it can be regarded as a platform that uncovers some of the revolutionary services, products, market trends, and technological furtherance by bringing them to the limelight.

Additionally, Feather Touch also plays a magnificent role in pillaring certain start-ups, SMEs, and leading corporations whose work often goes unnoticed in the crowd. Recently, there is a massive spike in global competitiveness. Anticipating the need, the Feather Touch platform fabricates a place for all to integrate and strengthen the utilization of the recent business tools.

Moving back to the powerful Business Leadership Awards. This award is diligently run by prolific industry leaders who keep an exhaustive watch over the market – notice which organization is at its prime of establishing a better place for the world by indulging in the development of the community and society as a whole. Almost every possible industry is counted by this award which is bestowed annually.

The year 2022 noticed The Economic Times as the media partner, and Business Fame, Silicon India, and Industry Outlook as the magazine partners. There was a total accumulation of around 188 nominations for the business leadership awards from manifold industries. Out of those 188, only 73 were shortlisted.

The selected ones were then stringently scrutinized by the biggies of the industries like Dr. Ankita Singh (Global Head of HR at Cignex), Sonam Donkar EVP Finance at Rohit Group of Companies, and more.

Extensive Analysis of Algoworks’ Accomplishments

As can be sensed from the main objective behind the award, organizations personifying the perfect amalgamation of innovation with sustainability are winning. Algoworks, since its inception in 2006 has been coming up with some of the finest technological ideas by employing inquisitive minds interested in learning and growing. It marvelously transforms its ideas into products that eventually benefit a huge percentage of the audience and other companies as well.

It was Algoworks’ first time winning this award, and the company so rightfully deserves it. The organization has wonderfully balanced the organizational goals as well as the country’s economy. Not only that, all the products of Algoworks are directed towards making the world a better place by reducing the overwork done by most companies.

Establishing the Eminence of Feather Touch Awards

The presence of Feather Touch Awards in a company offers employees a great level of reliability and confidence. As an entrepreneur, the very thought of the significance of the Feather Touch awards might circle your mind. This award can right away be regarded as an outstanding accreditation hyping up businesses across diverse fields.

Some of the leading industries acknowledged by Feather Touch awards are BFSI, CSR, brand marketing, engineering, education, digital marketing, infrastructure, human resources, healthcare, manufacturing, logistics, IT and ITES, real estate, shopping mall and multiplex, solar energy, women leadership, social media, and so on.

The eminence of this award is profoundly understood by the association of the media partner and the magazine partners – The Economic Times and The Business Fame, Silicon India, and Industry Outlook respectively. This platform is highly focused on offering a positive space where some of the brightest business minds integrate. The Feather Touch platform offers networking of over 5000 members across the Asian region.

On What Grounds Algoworks was Bestowed the Business Leadership Awards?

Algoworks is a renowned organization that vehemently believes in transforming the world through technological expansion. The company has gradually sought its position as a popular software company in 2022 through its array of magnificent products and immense partnerships.

The company has attained some of the hotshot’s partnerships like Gold Microsoft Partner Application Development, Salesforce Partner since 2013, Salesforce Summit Partner, Kentico Bronze Partner, AWS Select Consulting Partner, IBM SI Partner, Cloudera Connect, Dell Boomi, Salesforce Talent Alliance Employer, Redhat Certified Engineer, and so on.

Algoworks has emphasized the most demanding industry verticals like transport and logistics, gaming and education, retail and e-commerce, healthcare and manufacturing, economic services, and communications and media. Through this, it can be witnessed that the company has a firm hold over some of the most coveted industries.

Some of the reasons behind Algoworks triumphing in the Business Leadership Awards are its showering customers with utmost satisfaction resulting in a whopping 99%. From offering complete transparency to uncompromised quality to technology competence – the company offers it all.

All in all, it can be said that Algoworks has toiled hard to receive the accolade as the best software company of the year, especially from a platform like Feather Touch that believes in great transformation.

About Us: Algoworks a B2B IT firm providing end-to-end product development services. Operating chiefly from its California office, Algoworks is reputed for its partnership with Fortune 500 companies such as Amazon, Dell, Salesforce, and Microsoft. The company’s key IT service offerings include Mobility, Salesforce consulting and development, UI UX Design Consultation, DevOps, and Enterprise Application Integration. For more information, contact us here.

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Algoworks comes among the top IT service providers worldwide. We adopt a unique product development and agile delivery approach to offer robust and user-friendly software products in the shortest time to market. Our key IT services include Salesforce, Mobility, DevOps, and Enterprise Application Integration. With a great combination of our creative, visionary, and innovative minds, we are recognized as a reliable partner of different sizes and types of companies all around the world, such as Amazon, Dell, Salesforce, and Microsoft. With the expertise of top Salesforce Certified Consultants, we have successfully delivered enormous Salesforce Projects till now.

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