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Geo-positioning your food

Food Ordering application finds restaurants in your proximity.

Simplified Filtration

Food Ordering app filters food by allergies and personal preferences. These advanced filters also ease processes at Merchant Portal’s end.

Food Sharing

Happiness is when you share. Food Ordering app helps you in letting your friends know that you are having great time in ordering food online.

Streamlined Payment gateway

Application is well-equipped with secured Paypoint integration which offers simple, flexible ways to pay for a wide variety of services and businesses, hence process-oriented merchandising.

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Application Reviews

Customers can check the reviews of restaurants and can even add your own reviews. The reviews of the customers holds relevant importance for enterprises.

Picture Upload

Merchant portal of the application allows easy upload of restaurants photos wherein users can check out restaurants ambience.

Saving History

Customers can easily check his previous made food choices in the application as it saves the history and therefore eases the re-ordering process.


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Successfully Launched In 8 Months

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If you got a similar project idea, we are here to build the next BIG thing for you.

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