Key Features

Here are the main features of the app that makes it standout

Trading Learning App fetches real time data from market using Yahoo Finance stocks prices and helps you to learn trading by allowing you to buy and sell virtually.

Portfolio Management

App is a complete financial solution which allows managing your investment portfolio and keeps a track of each seconds’ record of your shares.

trading learning application
Search, Sort, Filter

Trading Learning App offers easy searches, sorting and filtration which simplifies trade learning activity.

Charting Tools

Application graphically represent the stock market data using multiple time frames and various technical charting tools. Traders can analyze market trends with a wide selection of popular indicators.

Screenshots | Intuitive design for easy understanding

financial training mobile app
financial training mobile application
financial training mobile app for android
financial training mobile app for ios
trading learning mobile app for ios

Some More Features

Detailed features that makes the app a cut about the rest
Intuitive Navigation

Application holds massive real time stock market data which gets visually represented in form of graphs and charts, still the application manages to handle efficiently and effectively the navigation.

Profit and Loss Maintenance

Application allows you to check out the profit and loss earned on your virtual sale and purchase. You can freeze your profit target and learn trading tactics. Add your own profit and loss statement graph representation in Financial Training App.

Learning Trading

Don’t take risk with your finances by investing blindly in stocks and bonds instead learn trading techniques with Financial Training App. Learning aspects include convenient help icons on key terms and an intuitive tabbed interface.

Technology We Used

Here are the main technologies that we used in design and development of the app

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Delivery Timeline

we use agile development methodology for timely delivery

1 iOS Developer, 1User Interface Designer, 1 Quality Analyst

ios app for financial training

2 Months Project Duration