Key Features

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Enterprise Sales Agent App for Android
ROAMpay Integration

Application uses the extensive features of ROAMpay which enable businesses in transforming mobile devices into secure point-of-sale terminals therefore capable of processing major credit cards which includes Visa Card and Maestro Card.

Electronically Managed

The app takes a product (book) order electronically therefore customized product list based on your dealer organization.

Various Pricing Plans

Dealer’s Tablet application makes the customer eligible for various pricing plans against their orders.

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Did you know that over 2 billion smartphone or tablet users will make some sort of mobile commerce transaction globally by the end of 2017? Check out this infographic to know more of these stats!
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Technical Attributes

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Easy Merchandising

Dealer’s Tablet Application eases m-commerce and merchandising. It provides a secured gateway & online business needs of e-businesses in the market.

Streamlined Solution

Dealer’s Tablet offers streamlined processing of checks via EFT(Electronic Funds Transfer) and credit cards are processed in real-time.

Safe & Secured Gateway

Dealer’s Tablet fosters safe & secured payment processing of online sales. With extensible feature of ROAM Data app ensures secured payment processing system.

Sign and Payment Capture

The application easily captures the customer’s’ signatures and capture payments on cash, credit, and check which is completely safe in the system.

Enterprise Dealer's App

Technologies We Used

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Delivery Timeline

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Successfully Launched In 4 Months

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Sales Agent App Development Process

App Screenshots

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