Key Features of DreamShare App

Such engaging app also allows you to change the visibility of your dream and there are many such fabulous features in the app.
Dream Logging & Analysis

App has a great in-built platform to analyze your dreams based on the information that you have logged in.

User Management

Use the option of ‘visibility settings’ and change the visibility of your dream. Keep your dream private.

Socially Enabled

App allows you to share your dream with your friends on Facebook or via email.

Dream Sharing Android App

More Features of DreamShare App

Get to know some more features of DreamShare App
Dream Sharing iOS App Development
App Monetization

Application uses flurry integration for integrating advertisements in the application, therefore otimizing the mobile experience through personal ads.

Dream Sharing Android App
Cross Platform

We have used PhoneGap as a cross device app development platform that accelerated time to market and device coverage.

Social Sharing App for iOS
Social Research

Application is a robust analytics platform which uses the collected data for social research purpose.

Technologies We Used

Strong Technical and Analytical Skills
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Delivery Timelines

Brief Timescale and Short Development Cycle

Janurary 2016 to April 2016

  • Developers
  • Team Leader
  • Quality Analyst
  • Designer
Dream Sharing App for iOS
Dream Sharing App for Android

Availability of DreamShare App

One weird fact about dreams is that humans forget them. Go, download, and start registering dreams!
Android App for Social Sharing
iPhone App for Social SharingSocial Sharing App for iPad

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