Pyramidal Features

Special pattern matching game full of phenomenal features
3D Puzzle App for iOS
Pattern Matching Game

Pharaoh’s Revenge is an interactive pattern matching game which comprises of colorful graphics and 3D view. Keeps gamers engaged.


Multi-lingual gaming world is fun. The game is available in various languages like English, Chinese and Japanese.

Multiple Levels

Increasing levels of game keep gamers hooked up in the game and as the increasing levels increases the complexity of the game, players enjoy the competitiveness.

Social Enabled

Sharing is just amusing. Get comments on your shared score. Invite them and challenge them to play by displaying your score earned on social networking sites.

App Screenshots

Bird’s-eye view of the application
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Integral Features

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Secured Settings

Game Pharaoh’s Revenge offers a secured framework to the gamers where they can view the final result game by using their credentials

In-App Purchase

Game is equipped with in-app purchase feature which allows gamers to purchase items therefore, earn while you play.

Scoring Comparison Using Leaderboards

Pharaoh’s Revenge leaderboard allows players to compare their scores with the scores of other players in the same game.

3D Puzzle Gaming AppPuzzle Gaming App for iOS

Technology Used

Latest Tools and Technologies Being Used

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Delivery Timeline

With complete precision and detailing application got completed in 2 months
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