Forcetalks – A Salesforce Community Of You, For You, By You

Forcetalks – A Salesforce Community Of You, For You, By You

Are you a Salesforce person? Hopping from one place to another? Killing your precious time and yet no answers to your queries?

Algoworks has always been into Salesforce, so this time it has dug out a brand new community of Salesforce for you that is Forcetalks. It is fresh, it is amazing, it is interesting, and the question is, is it worth it?

As the motto says … Forcetalks. Empowering the Salesforce community to collaborate. With a twist.

Forcetalks is a new collaboration platform that has been launched to discuss Salesforce on all levels. It is an online portal catering to the utmost needs of all Salesforce Geeks. A phenomenal community that brings together the webmasters, coders, developers, admins and business owners not just to share their exceptional and innovative ideas but also to solve various Salesforce centered queries.

It is one of the coolest hangout places for Salesforce lovers. Be it from a manager’s angle, a director’s viewpoint or a coder’s dilemma, Forcetalks seems to be the answer for everyone and everything related to Salesforce.

Salient Features of Forcetalks:-

Some of the salient features of Forcetalks which grab attention and can actually be of tremendous help are listed as below:

  • It allows you to build highly professional profiles and gives you a golden opportunity to connect with the sharpest minds of Salesforce across the globe.
  • It gives you the provision to create your own social network.
  • You can join in different forums (which suits to your purpose) and be a part of any discussions anytime.
  • It has also stretched its limits to publish your Salesforce blog or article and get relevant views from the subject matter experts.
  • Forcetalks even gives the bloggers a golden chance to get their blogs posted and provides free marketing of the same ensuring good reach and worldwide reachability.
  • It promises to bring in the latest news and updates from the world of Salesforce.
  • It will give you full access to keep a track of all ongoing activities and participate in all live discussions held by prominent persons.

Algoworks considers Forcetalks, a great discovery and it is an exquisite all-in-one platform catering to all sort of needs and unifies the Salesforce world. A developer has all the liberty to post his blogs and important Salesforce facts and the newbies can grab the opportunity to learn and explore Salesforce to greater depth and new dimensions.

Upcoming features:-

Forcetalks claims to provide event management module and ability to showcase company profile as a Forcetalks user. Even the top management of the companies will be able to benefit from it for example the CTOs and other eminent person representing their company can hold webinar sessions using this platform. It shall not only be helping them in company profile building but also generating greater awareness about their company amongst people. On one hand it will let the companies exhibit their CRM expertise and experience and on the other hand it shall open up the scope for appropriate and perfect recruitment.

  • It will allow you to launch webinar sessions, where you can connect a lot of people and geographical distance won’t be a hurdle anymore.
  • You can also build your company profile which would give a mutual benefit of sharing the company’s CRM expertise as well as help in appropriate recruitments.

So it has been an amazing discovery and had been an awesome experience exploring it. Looking forward to this forum’s success, which depends only on users like you and me, as they put it, ‘Forcetalks is a community for you, of you, by you, for Salesforce.’

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Pratyush Kumar

Pratyush Kumar

Co-Founder & Director at Algoworks, Open-Source | Salesforce | ECM
Pratyush is Co-Founder and Director at Algoworks. He is responsible for managing, growing open source technologies team and has spearheaded more than 200 projects in Salesforce CRM alone. He provides consulting and advisory to clients looking for services relating to CRM(Customer Relationship Management) and ECM(Enterprise Content Management). In the past, Pratyush has held consulting roles with various global technology leaders, such as Globallogic & HCL in India. He holds an Engineering graduate degree from Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee.
Pratyush Kumar

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