San Antonio Based Firm Boosts Their Customer Reach By Launching a Salesforce App

Algoworks designed, developed, and deployed a Salesforce AppExchange app for a US Billing Service Provider, giving them a competitive edge and consequently increasing their revenue by 30%


About The Client

Our Client is a US SaaS-based product, specializing in the management of recurring billing and subscription management. They believe that billing criticalities should never hinder the progress of work and the ability to launch new products, thereby they move towards the goal of eliminating the recurring billing bottleneck. It makes sure that their exquisite subscription management enables faster time to generate revenue, provide superior service and retain customers longer. The seven plus year old product is used by thousands of ISVs all across the globe to manage their subscriptions online.The majority of our client’s customer were already using Salesforce for managing their business, hence our client needed a way to allow their customers to connect their Salesforce instance with the main billing platform.

How We Did It?

Salesforce Integration

Challenge: Integration of the existing Billing Platform with Salesforce

Majority of the product’s clients were using Salesforce for their business management. Hence they needed a scalable, flexible and easily deployable solution that would allow their customers to connect their Salesforce instance with their main billing platform.

Solution: Salesforce managed package application.

Our team helped the client to design, develop and successfully deploy a Salesforce managed package app. It is a multitenant application that was deployed on platform which made it robust, connected and tightly secured. The developers used REST API to seamlessly integrate the Salesforce and the billing platform. The app was so designed and developed to automatically create custom objects on Salesforce to transfer the crucial data without any hassle. Another challenge being that the client data sync size often exceeded the Salesforce batch API hence our developers had to build custom program to break it into manageable data chunks to facilitate the data sync process.

Feature Image
Feature Image

App on AppExchange

Challenge: Salesforce managed package application

Our client wanted to design,develop and put up a managed package application on Salesforce AppExchange. They wanted the codebase to be in strict alliance with the norms of AppExchange to avoid complications during security review process.

Solution: End to end support to establish app on AppExchange

Algoworks helped the client to design and develop the managed package app in all alignment to the norms and regulations of Salesforce AppExchange. In addition to that we had provided 24X7 support ensure the lucid passing of strict security reviews assuring the app works securely with Salesforce. It aided the client with automated code scan as well as manual code review and black-box testing along with architecture review and web server testing.

Feature Image

Real time Updates

Challenge: Real time updation of information between the billing portal and Salesforce

One of the major challenges of this multi tenant system was to cater to real time update of information between the billing front and Salesforce. The myriad products and its components that were fed in through the billing front had to be correctly and automatically fed and updated in Salesforce.

Solution: Usage of webhooks

Our team developed the app using the concept of webhooks, an incredibly useful and resource-light way to implement event reactions.In this case the webhooks were used to trigger real time updates for critical data and synced rest of the data through batch APIs. The webhooks delivered request immediately to the Salesforce site.

Feature Image
Feature Image

Data Sync Tracking

Challenge: Notification on data entry

It was quite a major challenge to identify an error or a bug at the time of data sync. So the client needed a robust solution to identify and track the errors and at the same time notify the users about the entry.

Solution: A log was created to identify and maintain the record of erroneous data entry

Our team suggested the concept of maintaining logs that record detailed reports about data sync cycles. At the end of each data sync cycle a notification is pushed that gives the idea of success or error on the sync of a particular data, making use of the custom workflows and the triggers. The user can go to the log and check for himself what led to the failure of the data entry without having to wait for external help thereby saving a lot of time and speeding up the process.

Feature Image


27% increase in data sync efficiency

Automated sync helped end-clients save at least 27% time in syncing data on both platforms.

AppExchange visibility increased revenue by 30%

Listing the app on AppExchange enhanced the visibility and ensured security thereby increasing the revenue.

30% reduction in manual efforts

Salesforce integration aided in easy syncing of data via simplifying the process of creating manageable fields.

25% increased efficiency due to quick error detection

Easy detection of the error via timely notification saved a lot of precious time.


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